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 Dr. Jamin Ginting, SH,MH,M.Kn
 Lecturer Profile
UPH’s Faculty of Law is currently one of the best law facilities in Indonesia. I am very grateful to be a part of this faculty since 1997. Our alumni is spread all over notable Legal Consulting Firms in Indonesia, a number of Asian countries, as well as National Government Agencies and International Institutions. This shows that the community as proven the quality of UPH Law alumni.
The strength of jurisprudence, which was instilled by the curriculum of UPH Law during my times of lecturing, and the strong spiritual aspects of faith has prepared our students with the discipline and integrity they will need in their future careers. My fellow partners, who have employed our alumni, have given me great responses about the satisfying quality of UPH Law alumni. I am also very proud to be a lecturer in UPH Law because of the supporting facilities that lecturers, staff, and students can use to improve the teaching and learning process in one convenient area.
As a place to learn, UPH’s Faculty of Law is the perfect choice to pursue a career during a time when public awareness about justice increases, legal services
are increasingly needed. Welcome to UPH’s
Faculty of Law. God bless us all.

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