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 Lecturer Profile
Dr. Yozua Makes, SH.,LL.M,.,M.M.
 UPH’s Faculty of Law sets the difference from other legal educational institutions as it is not merely a school for learning the law but, moreover, it encourages its students to have a meaningful understanding and practice of the logic and dynamics of the laws, through enriching practical and life class discussions.
The advent of many new things and approach resulting from the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic crisis, create both opportunities and challenges for the legal profession and practitioners while at the same time, sending a strong message to legal education systems anywhere that the study of law should require viewing the law not as an object, but more as a living and dynamic subject.
With its combined philosophy of installing basic values for Godly character, integrity and love for Indonesia, students of UPH’s Faculty of Law will excel in their legal knowledge and integrity while learning invaluable legal and life skills in the most effective way.

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