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IISMA Scholarship Awardee 2022 from Kemendikbudristek
Kevin Jonathan Parulian Pangaribuan Radbound University Netherland
Anggota tim penerima bantuan dana Program Penguatan Kapasitas Organisasi Kemahasiswaan (PPK Ormawa) 2022 Kemendikbud tahun 2022 3rd 3rd winner winner Debate Competition Competition 3rd 3rd 3rd winner winner winner Quiz Competition Competition Competition 3rd 3rd winner winner winner Essay Competition Competition Competition 1st winner winner Poster Competition Competition Psychology Village 13 (Tangerang 2022)
1st winner Speech Competition Psychology Expo (UNJ 2021)
Best speaker Debate Competition Psyferia (Universitas Padjajaran 2021)
3rd winner Debate Debate Competition Competition Best speaker Debate Debate Competition Competition Psychology Village 12 (Tangerang 2021)
Best presenter
International E-conference KPIN 2020
3rd winner Quiz Competition Psychology Village 11 (Tangerang 2020)
Events and
Psychology Village The largest annual event of of the Faculty
of of Psychology at at UPH which is participated by psychology faculties and
from various universities nationwide Mentoring
Mentors help develop students
to to become competent scholars leaders and
citizens Titanium Leadership
Advanced leadership training to theoretically and
practically equip prospective HMF Psychology administrators Psygate
Series of fun activities to build strong relationships between students
lecturers staff and
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