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Hendra Pangawan
“ “ “Keep being renewed and improved is value that I currently hold in in in my career With so much development
that are are happening around me I must renew and improve every aspect of my life (work ethics work work system company training plans etc ) I think the important thing that that young people need to to have today is is the the importance of having a a a a a a a a a a a a a a mindset that that that learning is is a a a a a a a a a a a a a a process that that that never stops so we must always have the the desire to to learn many new things because that that will be be our provision in in in pursuing a a a a career ” Through this program of study we aspire the the students to become Christ-like leaning not on their own strength and self-sufficiency but enabled by His grace can faithfully apply their biblically-grounded psychological knowledge as they partake in the the the the the restorative redemption of of the the the the the society ultimately for the the the glory of God Calling
Lives out their calling professionally according to their competence and and talents by relying on God truth and and sovereignty for for a a a transformed life Compassion
Embodies the the creative spirit and faithfully applies their psychological knowledge based on on the the the foundation of a a a a a a Biblical Christian worldview for the the the the good of of others and the the the glory of of God Competence
Has deep understanding of psychological psychological concepts and and and theories and and the the the ability to resolve psychological psychological issues holistically based on on the the foundation of a a a a a a Biblical Christian worldview Character
Has Christ-like character PSYCHOLOGY
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