UPH Electrical Engineering Won Sumo Robot Competition in TECH-INFINITY 2018.

To the tune of 3kg Sumo Robot made by the students of University of Pelita Harapan (UPH) Electrical Engineering study program won the Sumo Robot competition in TECH-INFINITY 2018 held by BINUS ASO School of Engineering, Tangerang, on November 15th-17th, 2018. This competition tested the power of the robot in an arena.

There were two categories in this competition, which are 1kg Sumo Robot and 3kg Sumo Robot. 12 teams from various universities and senior high schools competed in the 3kg category. For the first time, UPH team joined this competition and achieved the 3rd place. At the same time, State University of Jakarta (UNJ) achieved the 1st and 2nd place.

UPH team that achieved the 3rd place had Budi Khusnandar, Josavan Ezekhiel Taniara, and Louise Hotnida Ann as the members. Besides them, UPH also sent another 5 teams and 2 of it successfully went to the final. The strength of their robot is in the motoric and the creativity in applying Electrical Engineering theory.

“We spent lack of budget to make this robot. Because of it, we rack one’s brain to be more creative in applying Electrical Engineering theory that we have gotten for this robot,” explained Budi, a student of UPH Electrical Engineering 2016.

They learned those theories through some courses in UPH Electrical Engineering, like Electric Power Engineering, Microcontroller, Mechatronics, Basic Electronics, and some basic courses that were applied in electrical circuits for robot motoric. As the result, six robots were made within two weeks. This is not an easy deal, remembering that they also have to follow the college as usual.

“Through this opportunity, we learned to manage our time well. Positively, we can get additional knowledge and some new skills during the process of making the robot. We also learned to arrange a good tactic to win this competition,” said Ezekhiel.

The head of the study program UPH Electrical Engineering, Dr. Ir. Henri P. Uranus, M.T. also gave a positive response on this.

“In the midst of limitation and obstacles that the students faced, they were able to achieve the third place. There was also one team that went to the final successfully. It already makes us proud. Therefore, I congratulate all teams and the lecturer, Dr. Eng. Endrowednes Kuantama S.T., M.Eng.,” said Henri.

An interesting experience was also experienced by Louise. As the only woman in the entire team that participated, she admitted that she had no significant obstacles.

“I have a new experience through this competition. I haven’t gotten many courses because this is my second year of college, but because I was in this robot project, I know more,” said Louise.

Although this was the first robot competition that Louise participated in, she had actively participated in various competitions while sitting in junior high school and senior high school. Knowledge and experience are valuable assets for her.

“I had ever joined mathematics, chemistry, and English competition as a school representative for several times,” added Louise.

Louise, Budi, and Ezekhiel are the members of UPH HMTE (Himpunan Mahasiswa Teknik Electro / Electrical Engineering Students Council). They will participate actively for any events that will be held. For the next chance, they will be interested in joining a competition that has something new and patent, like making a drone. This urge is also supported by UPH Electrical Engineering.

“I always support the students to join many competitions, not only sumo robot. One thing to remember is just don’t forget to do college responsibilities,” said Henri.