UPH Opens Scholarship Programs for the Academic Year of 2020/2021.

Every year Universitas Pelita Harapan opens various types of scholarship programs for prospective students. You can get the information about various scholarship programs and its requirements by clicking here.

We provide 34 Study Programs, divided into 7 clusters that are relevant to the contemporary world today. The clusters include:

  • Business Integration:
    Management; Accounting; Law; Actuarial & Applied Mathematics; International Relations
  • Tourism industry:
    Hospitality Management; Travel Industry Management
  • Social & Education:
    Applied Communications Science; Psychology; Economic Education; Biology Education; Chemistry Education; Physical Education; Mathematics Education; Social Science Education; Christian Education; Primary Education; Indonesian Language Education; English language Education;
  • Building & Physical Environment:
    Civil Engineering; Architecture; Interior Design
  • Technology Solutions:
    Biotechnology; Food Technology; Industrial Engineering; Electrical Engineering; Informatics; Information Systems
  • Health Sciences:
    Medical; Nursing; Pharmacy
  • Creative Industries:
    Product Design; Visual Communication Design; Music

You can choose a study program according to your interests & know your career path based on its cluster. We will be happy to help you making your dreams come true!

Admission Schedule for Scholarship Program

Important! Please note the admission schedule below:

  • Medical Study Program:
    • admission deadline: February 5, 2020
    • admission test: February 8,  2020