UPH Sparklabs Invites Venturra Discovery to Share Funding Strategies for Startup Business.

Ventura Discovery, a venture company that focuses on seed funding up to Pre-Series A in South East Asia was invited to share their funding strategies for startup business to the students of UPH Business School. This event is a part of UPH Sparklabs Speaker Series entitled ‘Get Financing and Funding For Startup Company’, which was held on March 5, 2020, at the D501 Building of UPH Lippo Village.

The trend of promising startups has attracted a lot of young people to channel their ideas through a startup business concept. However, ideas are not enough to build a startup. It takes a lot of funding according to entrepreneurs, in order to understand the right funding strategy for each business. Generally, fundings can be obtained through personal savings and venture companies.

Kartini Andri Wardani – Senior Associate of Ventura Discovery, shared her tips to the students of UPH Business School to get fundings for their startup business.

“The key tip is to have more experience in the professional world because generally, investors are attracted to startups with founders who have more experience in the industry. So, just start working in the industry that you have interests in. It sure takes a lot of time, but this is a sustainable method,” she stated.

Moreover, there are some other strategies that may attract investors to give seed funding for startup business, one of them is prep work: creating a pitch deck, finding investors, and presenting pitch deck.

“The initial steps to be prepared is the pitch deck which consisted of the business plan overview. There are three basic rules in determining the content of a pitch deck: clarity, simplicity, and readability. After the pitch deck, the next step is to look for a suitable investor who is related to our business. This step is important so that we don’t have to spend our time and their time. Lastly, we have to present our pitch deck to investors. Some points that we have to present to them include problems, solution, target customer, competitor, positioning, and many more,” Andri stated.

According to Andri, the presence of business incubators in universities, such as UPH Sparklabs, can help students to build and expand their startup business.

“The business incubator in this university is truly impressive. Out there, there are a lot of successful business that started off as university incubator, take Rollover Reaction as one of the examples. In addition to that, through these business incubators, we are able to grow the entrepreneur mindset in these students,” she stated.

Andri also shared a message 100 students of UPH Business School (batch 2017-2018) who were present at the event to take their time in building a startup and to have patience because success needs time, and it will not come easily. “It takes hard work and skill to achieve a real success,” she added.