Fully sponsored Internship Opportunity in America for UPH Product Design Students from New Classic Furniture!

UPH’s Product Design study program established a partnership with New Classic Furniture (NCF), a furniture company in America. This partnership was officially signed on October 19, 2020. Through this partnership, UPH Product Design students may be eligible for an internship or apprenticeship at the NCF’s headquarter. For selected students, NCF will provide an internship opportunity, along with training program and other benefits such as a round-trip flight ticket, living cost, monthly stipend, and more.

“This partnership is a great opportunity for UPH Product Design students. It is also a great synergy because of the overlap between the content of UPH’s Product Design study program that encompasses furniture design, with this company’s main business line. We are also confident that the excellent track record of UPH’s Product Design is part of the reason that NCF is willing to partner with us, as evident in the high number of UPH’s Product Design graduates that are working in furniture companies as well as previous partnerships with a diverse range of furniture industries,’ explain Susi Hartanto, S.Sn. M.M., UPH’s Product Design-Internship Program Coordinator.

NCF, located in California, is a furniture company that has evolved into a highly reputable company in the United States known for its quality.
To qualify for this apprenticeship program, selected students need to fulfill several criteria, such as having grades that meet the standard requirements for relevant subjects. In addition, students also need to show passion in furniture and good character.

“For selected students, the lecturers will provide intensive training before leaving, related to Furniture Design Skills, 3D Design, standards in the furniture industry, as well as software training. This is done so that students are well-equipped when they join as a designer at NCF. Later, during the internship, students will also be trained and work from basic processes such as drafting and rendering, all the way to designing a product. Aside from gaining material benefits, students will also obtain a real work experience, opportunities, relationships, knowledge, soft skills trainings, and of course exposure to cultural diversity through this internship,” added Susi.

In addition, Devanny Gumulya, S.Sn., M.Sc., Chairman of the UPH Product Design Study Program, saw this collaboration as an acknowledgment of the credibility and quality of UPH’s Product Design study program as well as UPH as an institution.

“This cooperation certainly increases the credibility of UPH Product Design. Our students are increasingly trusted as professionals who are ready to work, even at an international company like NCF. We also believe that this opportunity will further complement the work skills and work ethic of students. Institutionally, this will also improve the quality of UPH as an international university,” said Devanny.

UPH Product Design equips students to become innovative, creative, and functional designers by building products that are both aesthetically pleasing and able to meet people’s needs. Students will also get high quality education that aligns with industry trends. For 12th grade students who are interested in becoming product designers, join UPH’s Product Design study program. Take advantage of our Beasiswa 100 Miliar (100 Billion Scholarship) program for the 2020/2021 Academic Year by registering at one.uph.edu. For further information, please contact UPH Student Consultant at 08111-632-838.