UPH’s XXXV Graduation Produced 600 Responsive Nurses, Ready to Give the Best Service.

A nurse must be responsive and must give the best service to the patient, as quoted from Ahmad Darajat, the Head of DPW PPNI of Banten Province at Lippo Village on 11 March 2019 during the XXXV Nursing Faculty (FoN) UPH graduation. This year, FoN UPH produced the best graduates that are comprised of 300 graduates with a degree in nursing (S. Kep) and 300 others with a nursing profession degree (Ners.).

Darajat added, “As a nurse, you must be able to suppress your emotions and be patient in facing the patients. We must always give the best service anytime and in many situations. As a nurse, we must also be responsive and care for the patient, and of course, we must have a tight relationship with the patients, to protect and care for each other. Don’t have any conflict with your colleagues.”

This is in line with what the Vice President of Siloam Hospitals Group, Caroline Riady, hoped for. Riady hoped that the graduates of UPH will serve wholeheartedly and to take this profession as a calling from God to improve the future of good healthcare.

Riady added, “I hope that UPH’s graduates will become healers and bring healing to a broken world. It is not easy being a nurse, and it is not fun at times. However, you must remember that being a nurse is a noble thing to do. Therefore, be a nurse not because you were forced to do it, not because you were sworn under oath, and not because you promised UPH; Be a nurse because it is a calling from inside.”

A part of UPH’s vision is to be committed to preparing professional graduates with character and faith. This was what Chancellor Dr. Jonathan L. Parapak, M.Eng.Sc. said in his welcoming speech, “UPH is committed to providing the best education so that the graduates will become a blessing to the nation and so that they will receive true education. From that, UPH’s educational system is holistic in the sense that it fosters character. I hope that these graduates will become a tool for the people who needs it.”

James T. Riady, the founder of UPH, talked about the importance of parents in raising the students in helping them become graduates. He also committed by saying that UPH will reach to people with potential all across Indonesia. He said, “The Faculty of Nursing is a product of thought 15 years ago, therefore since then UPH has been committed to giving the highest education for the students. UPH wishes to create nurses who are not only good in their skills but who also have a divine character that is oriented in serving and to become a proactive nurse, who has the initiative to help. Therefore, don’t waste the opportunity to serve. It is my greatest wish that the graduates of the Faculty of Nursing will not simply be a nurse, but to become the most caring nurses there are and to appreciate humans as a whole. Nurses not only heal physically but spiritually, too.”

Graduates’ and Their Parents’ Testimonies

Junita Foni, FoN 2014
“During my time here at UPH, I am grateful to God because He helped me go through my four-year process and helped me to finally get my degree and Ners profession title. In addition, I received knowledge and have developed spiritually at UPH. My knowledge has become increasingly widespread and I got to know friends from different regions. This motivated me to give the best service for the patients and especially to God.”

Matheus Philips, Jayapura Papua (Parent of Victoria Jean, FoN 2014)
“My hope as a parent is so that they share their knowledge they received to the people. I also appreciate UPH for preparing my child with the skills needed to overcome challenges in the world of healthcare. I am also grateful because my child was given a family’s comfort and because my child developed spiritually.”