UPH Supports World Peace Mission Through Ananda Sukarlan's Rapsodia Nusantara No. 24 Gala Concert.

Prolonged fighting that occurred in Papua until recently has not yet found a bright spot. The emergence of the issue of racial discrimination against the Papuan people in recent times has made the situation even worse, threatening inter-tribal harmony in the Papua region. It is evident, with the large number of casualties, clashes between the community and security forces, and the return of migrants to their area of ??origin.

The increasingly tense situation in Papua has become the background for the Tifa Foundation to re-publish a book entitled “Dialog – Jakarta Papua: Sebuah Perspektif Papua” by one of the Papuan peace leaders, Pater Neles Tebay. The Tifa Foundation also collaborated with an international composer, Ananda Sukarlan, to jointly echo the message of peace in Papua while remembering Father Neles Tebay who died on April 14, 2019.

Ananda Sukarlan’s musical work dedicated to Papua is a continuation of his classical music, entitled Rapsodia Nusantara No. 24. Each rapsodi is based on one folk song in each province in Indonesia.

“Rapsodia Nusantara No. 24 aims to introduce the culture of Papua to the international world through music, as well as remembering one of the peace figures of Papua, Pater Neles Tebay. I took from the regional song Dogiyai Regency – Papua which is the birthplace of Fr. Neles Tebay. This song basically only has 3 tone elements, then I combine it with a variety of more complex tones, so that it becomes a 7-minute music that can affect listeners’ emotions,” said Ananda Sukarlan at the Press Conference in Jakarta, October 15, 2019.

Ananda Sukarlan also added that this musical work was poured in a special book containing Rapsodia Nusantara No. 24 musical sheet, so that everyone who plays the score knows that this work is devoted to remembering Father Neles Tebay and introducing the culture of Papua.

“Through the power of music, everything that cannot be conveyed through words can be conveyed because music is able to tear the emotions of listeners. So listeners can know the message to be conveyed, especially people who come from outside this area,” said Ananda.

This activity was also supported by Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) as one of the institutions that have long had concern for Papua, especially in the field of education.

“UPH has long been concerned about Papua, especially in terms of education. This is evidenced by the large number of our teaching staff who work in Papua. UPH wants to take part in supporting this activity, because UPH has a Faculty of Music and with the presentation of Rapsodia Nusantara No. 24 at UPH, both UPH students and public can also listen to classical music that is familiar to their ears and know the message of peace,” said Juliana Suhindro Putra – UPH Visual Communication Design lecturer who is also the designer of Rapsodia Nusantara No. 24’s partiture book owned by Ananda.

Juliana Suhindro Putra
At UPH, Ananda will give a Piano Masterclass, on October 30, 2019, and a Music Composition Seminar, followed by an interactive talk show on October 31, 2019 which is open to UPH Music Faculty students, as well as the public. As the peak of his visit to UPH, Ananda held a Gala Concert titled ‘Indonesia in Harmony’ and presented his latest work, Rapsodia Nusantara No. 24 after the premiere of the 2019 Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, this concert took place at the Grand Chapel of the UPH Lippo Village campus, on October 31, 2019, at 18:00.