UPH Product Design Alumnus Assembles Qualified PPE at an Affordable Price for Medical and Non-Medical Use.

With the rising numbers of COVID-19 victims in Indonesia, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has become crucial. According to the statement of President Jokowi during his video conference on March 30, 2020, Indonesia needs approximately 3 million PPE until the end of May 2020. The president encourages national companies that are capable of creating this equipment to help. Considering the national emergency situation, Agnesia Cahaya, an alumnus of UPH Product Design (2015), decided to create her own line of PPE to fulfill the need for this equipment under her own brand, ‘Cahaya Kurnia’.

“My initial motivation was to help others and then, I also want to answer consumers’ needs for a product that is related to my field as a Product Design graduate. The virus outbreak has raised sympathy and empathy for many people, especially towards those who are unable to get their hands of a proper PPE at an affordable price. This encourages me to try and create a proper PPE for medical and non-medical personnel at an affordable price,” Agnes explained.

Aside from selling it on at an affordable price, Agnes also made sure that her product is made from quality materials, durable, comfortable, and efficient. Agnes plans to sell her product to the public, factories, and also medical personnel. However, she also admitted that she does not mind giving it out free for those in an urgent situation.

Aside from ensuring the quality of the materials, in designing a PPE, Agnes also has to ensure that she has fulfilled the standards established by the Ministry of Health. Once she fulfills all the procedures, she can ensure that her products can be used optimally and effectively by medical and non-medical personnel.
In the meantime, Agnes and her team are producing three kinds of masks: Acrylic Face Shield that was made from two-sized acrylics, Face Shield made from mica at a very affordable price, and a scuba-based mask to support the mask-wearing movement for the non-medical public. Moreover, her customers can also have a personalized request for their Face Shield purchase with warnings such as ‘Keep Your Distance’, ‘Social Distancing’, and others. Agnes hopes that through this addition in her product can raise people’s awareness and motivate them to act wisely.

For the medical PPE, Agnes will try to provide orders that are adjustable to the needs of medical personnel’s needs and requests.

“According to the standards, acrylic face shield is a face protective equipment that best meets medical standards. During the production process, we create the PPE based on the medical personnel’s request. And so far, they said that our product is comfortable and suitable for their professional standards. Moreover, for medical needs, we provide a special price and a free delivery rate for a certain amount of order,” said Agnes.

Aside from face shields, Agnes also produces aerosol box for medical personnel, hazmat, and cashier barrier to maintain the safe distance.

Up until today, her product has been receiving positive responses from medical personnel, the public, companies, and also factories. Some companies that have become Cahaya Kurnia’s clients are Vivere, Wiradoor, PT Waagner Biro, and many more.

This motivation to aid for the need of others is a mandate that has been instilled to all alumni of UPH. Since their first years, UPH students are taught to become problem solvers! In the middle of this COVID-19 pandemic, UPH encourages the public to contribute towards the efforts of our country to fight against this pandemic through its alumni in every field — both right now and in the future.