UPH Opens Up Opportunities for Student-Athletes through Sport Scholarship.

Have you ever wished of enrolling to a renowned university through a scholarship program? or are you worried about missing the opportunity of getting such a scholarship from your dream university? Don’t be so worried because Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) is here to answer your need through an opportunity for a Sports Scholarship. This scholarship opens up an opportunity for you to be a Student-Athlete in UPH, 100% student, and 100%, athlete. This means that you can learn in class and focus on your training to ace in sports.

This scholarship is specially made for 12th-grade students who wanted grow in their passion for sport and at the same time, learn in a university. This program will be available until August 15, 2020, with limited quota. However, before getting enrolled, let’s find out the three reasons for you to join UPH Sports Scholarship Program!

Boost your potentials and become a remarkable student-athlete in UPH

UPH will prepare you to become ‘notable’ individuals who ace in various aspects. In addition to that, UPH also has a commitment to prepare you to be a full-package graduate through its holistic and transformative education.

If you managed to obtain the Sports Scholarship program, along with UPH Eagles, you will receive training as a Student-Athlete in either basketball, soccer, futsal, badminton, or swimming. As a Student-Athlete you will be prepared to live a balanced life of a student with excellent achievements in both academic and sports, as well as in character. This also means that you will be trained to be ‘impressive’ on the field, in class, and also, within.

Achieve the best with UPH Sports

For those sports enthusiasts out there, you might have heard about the names of many regional, national, and even international sports competitions. Maybe this time, it is your turn to win one of those competitions by joining with UPH Eagles.

For UPH Eagles, achievements are not a new thing—both on a national and international scale. UPH Eagles have achieved several gold medals in LIMA (Student League or Liga Mahasiswa), a national Basketball Competition, including 4 golds for the UPH Eagles Male Basketball and 1—also the first, gold medal for UPH Eagles Woman Basketball in 2019. Then, the team also became the Grand Champion of POMDA (Pekan Olahraga Mahasiswa Daerah) Banten with its male team and won 25 medals from other competitions including 23 golds, 1 silver, 1 bronze, and many other achievements. In addition to that, UPH Eagles also became the 2nd winner of ASEAN University Games 2018, placed third in 3×3 Asia Basketball Championship in 2019, and has owned titles from many other competitions.

Total Benefits with Easy Requirements

Have you become more interested in the Student-Athlete life of UPH? Well, there is still quite a lot of time for you to seize the opportunity of getting a Full Sports Scholarship from UPH. This scholarship program is opened for all programs besides the Faculty of Medicine and Conservatory of Music. Now, all you need to know is the requirements and you can get them all here (click). Furthermore, there are many benefits for a Student-Athlete which includes residency (dormitory), three meals a day, and of course, the privilege to use all sports facilities in UPH, starting from the soccer field, badminton field, futsal field, Olympia-sized pool, gym/fitness center, and even physiotherapy services.

So, what are you waiting for? Take this opportunity and be the Student-Athlete that we are looking for! Achieve your dream career by enrolling in your chosen program through the UPH Sports Scholarship. Since it was established in 1994, UPH has a commitment to provide excellent education, equipped with various programs designed to enhance its graduates’ quality holistically—be it in academic, social life, character, and spirituality, preparing them to compete in the professional world. (mt)