9 Career Preparation Tips for Students to Achieve Success.

Benjamin Franklin, the founder of the United States, once said, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” This applies to students who will enter the workforce after completing their studies. They need to create a well-thought-out career plan early on to be prepared for future challenges. To equip students with solid career planning during their academic years, Universitas Pelita Harapan’s Career Center and Corporate Relations (CCCR) organized a seminar titled “Design Your Career: Create Meaning, Fulfilment, and Success” at the MYC Building, UPH Lippo Village Campus on Wednesday, April 12, 2023.

In this seminar, Cornelius Pantow, the Board of Directors & Chief Human Resources Officer of PT Esensi Solusi Buana (ESB), a technology company that provides cloud-based software for Food and Beverage (F&B) business operations, shared tips with UPH students on how to prepare for their careers. Here are the nine career tips shared during the seminar:


1. Where do you see yourself in 10, 20, 50 years?

Determine what you want to achieve in the next 10, 20, or even 50 years and write it down as a bucket list or create a dream board.


2. Set personal goals

Personal goals involve improving oneself mentally, emotionally, and socially. Cornelius gave an example of continuous learning as a way to enhance personal growth. Other tangible forms include attending seminars or engaging in activities that support personal development.


3. Develop a growth mindset and be proactive

According to Cornelius, having an open and growth mindset will give you an edge at work. A growth mindset is a mentality that goes beyond complacency with achieved accomplishments and seeks continuous self-development and the acquisition of new skills. Additionally, it emphasizes valuing the process in everything we do. Being proactive and taking initiative is equally important.


4. Define your own idea of success and self-acceptance

Next, define your own definition of success and happiness. Avoid using others’ achievements as a standard for your own success and happiness. Once you determine this definition, you can identify the steps needed to achieve that success. Throughout the process, you may encounter failures, but don’t worry, failures are part of the journey. Furthermore, be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. When discussing weaknesses, focus on how you can overcome them or even transform them into strengths that won’t hinder your work.


5. Grow beyond your comfort zone

According to Cornelius, being in a comfortable position doesn’t necessarily mean it’s secure. Being comfortable can often hinder personal growth. Cornelius shared his experience of leaving a comfortable position to pursue career growth in another company. However, he emphasized that there’s nothing wrong with remaining loyal to one company if you’re happy and comfortable in that environment.


6. Improve your communications skills

Enhancing communication skills is crucial. Good communication has positive effects on both yourself and others. Communication skills extend beyond speaking; it also involves being a good listener. When you listen attentively, you can respond effectively and accurately.


7. Find a healthy work-life balance

Facing pressure, it’s common to experience stress. It’s important to address stress in a healthy and timely manner. Don’t postpone resolving work-related issues. The sooner, the better.


8. Be productive, yet continue learning

You can’t stop or delay the time. Therefore, make good use of your time to achieve your dreams.

“Utilize your time for learning. If you have the opportunity, go for it. If not, find ways to obtain it,” said Cornelius.


9. Know your purpose, practice empathy

Dreams are useless you have a purpose. It is crucial to have a goal to achieve all your dreams. Additionally, practicing empathy is important so that you can understand other people’s feelings.

“Starting now, it’s not just sympathy, but empathy. Empathy puts our minds and selves in someone else’s position. That’s how we empathize with others. So, learn to empathize,” said Cornelius, the recipient of the 40 Under 40 Asia HR Leaders 2022 award.



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