Five UPH Student Organizations Secure Grant Funding from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Capacity Building Program.

Five Student Organizations at Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) have successfully secured a total funding of Rp192,000,000 through the 2023 Student Organization Capacity Building Program (PPK Ormawa) initiated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (Kemendikbudristek). This program offers opportunities for student organizations to enhance their capacity through community service and empowerment activities. The initiative also serves as a platform for students to develop soft skills, critical thinking abilities, creative problem-solving skills, effective communication, collaboration, information technology literacy, leadership qualities, as well as to foster positive behavior and productivity. 

The process to secure this grant funding including activity proposal submissions by student organizations which elaborates the strategies to nurture and strengthen student organizations, their intended objectives, forms of university support for implementing PPK Ormawa, and sub-proposals devised by the student organizations. Each team could choose a topic to create activities or programs in villages based on identified potential and issues. The entire selection process took place from February to May 2023, and on June 14, 2023, the Directorate General of Higher Education, Research, and Technology (Ditjen Diktiristek) at Kemendikbudristek designated 608 sub-proposal titles from 199 universities eligible for funding. 

Here are the five UPH student organizations that successfully received PPK Ormawa 2023 grants from Kemendikbudristek: 

  1. UPH Student Executive Board (BEM-UPH) 

The research proposal titled “Initiating Sports in Cikande Village Through Coaching Clinics, Literacy, Sports Ambassadors, and Badminton Festivals” by BEM UPH has secured funding amounting to Rp38,500,000. This proposal was conceived by BEM UPH, recognizing the need for a balance between a healthy lifestyle and the busy lives of most Cikande Village residents in Serang Regency, Banten, who are primarily laborers. 

Aldy M. Fanggidae, the President of BEM UPH for the 2022-2023 term, explained that there is considerable interest in sports, especially badminton, among the community. This is evidenced by various achievements and sports activities in the area. 

“Their interest is hindered by the lack of professional training and supportive facilities. Through this program, we will build sports infrastructure, provide professional training (coaching clinics), hold badminton festivals, and transform Cikande into a model village for badminton. This initiative also embodies one aspect of the Three Pillars of Higher Education, which is Community Service (PKM),” stated Aldy, a student in the Primary School Teacher Education Program at UPH from the 2020 cohort. 

 2. UPH Pharmacy Student Association (HMPS Farmasi) 

The 2023 PPK Ormawa presented an opportunity for UPH HMPS Farmasi to make a positive impact on the community through the production of essential oils. With the research proposal titled “Utilizing Galangal for Conventional Technology-Based Essential Oil Production to Enhance Human Resources in Batok Village“. The team observed that Batok Village in Bogor Regency, West Java, had an abundant supply of galangal. However, the selling price of this commodity plummeted from Rp20,000/kg in 2020 to Rp10,000/kg in 2021 and remained low. With a grant of Rp38,500,000, UPH HMPS Farmasi aims to educate residents on how to process galangal into essential oils using easily accessible equipment such as pots and hoses. 

“Distillation equipment can be used to convert galangal into essential oil with a higher market value, where 1 kg of galangal can yield 10 ml of essential oil with a selling price of Rp80,000. Currently, we are designing an optimal distillation device to serve as an example during workshops with the community. This is crucial because the people in Batok Village lack knowledge and facilities for processing raw materials. In the future, residents will independently assemble the components we have prepared using the grant,” explained Jessica Laurencia, a student in the Pharmacy Education Program at UPH from the 2021 cohort. 

 3. UPH Chemistry Education Student Association (HMPS PK) 

UPH HMPS PK’s concern for community health and welfare through the utilization of family medicinal plants is the driving force behind their participation in PPK Ormawa 2023. With a research proposal titled “Enhancing Human Resources through Samsit Plant Cultivation as Family Medicinal Plants in Marga Mulya Village” HMPS PK UPH aims to improve the quality of human resources in managing family medicinal plants in Marga Mulya Village, located in Tangerang Regency, Banten. Thanks to their dedication, HMPS PK UPH received a grant of Rp38,000,000. 

“We intend to educate the community to cultivate and effectively utilize traditional medicinal plants as an alternative form of treatment. This program also serves as an effort to preserve traditional knowledge about medicinal plants that may have faded within modern society,” said Raynaldy Marthin Elia, a student of UPH Chemistry Education Study Program from the 2021 cohort. 

 4. UPH Social Science Education Student Association (HMPS PIPS) 

In their research proposal titled “Empowering Ciakar Village Through the Role of Women’s Schools in Enhancing Gender Awareness, Rights, and Duties: A Comfortable Discourse Approach” UPH HMPS PIPS highlights the lack of awareness regarding gender equality and education on women’s rights and duties in Ciakar Village, Tangerang Regency, Banten. 

Additionally, UPH HMPS PIPS emphasizes the role of parenting as one of the responsibilities of parents in educating their children. All these programs will be executed using a grant of Rp38,500,000. 

“The lack of awareness results from limited technological literacy and economic constraints. Therefore, we have prepared a curriculum expected to help women in Ciakar Village realize their roles as women. Through this program, we also hope to develop the potential that the residents of Ciakar Village possess,” expressed Caroline Dwi Surya, a student of UPH Social Science Education Study Program from the 2020 cohort. 

 5. UPH Primary School Teacher Education Student Association (HMPS PGSD) 

The suboptimal utilization of resources in Tanjung Burung Village has caught the attention of HMPS PGSD UPH, leading them to secure a grant of Rp38,500,000. 

With their research proposal titled “Enhancing Literacy in Tanjung Burung Village Through Storytelling, Direct Learning, and Loud Reading Activities to Support SDGs Village Programs” UPH HMPS PGSD aims to create high-quality human resources and promote Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the village located in Tangerang Regency, Banten. 

Based on a survey conducted, with a population of 7,391 people, most Tanjung Burung Village residents are fishermen earning less than Rp75,000 per day. Furthermore, only 3% of the villagers have received higher education, while 97% of women do not have jobs that provide additional income for their families. 

“Therefore, as an initial step to enhance human resources in this village, we want to promote community awareness of the importance of literacy through the establishment of a Literacy Corner,” said Monica Lilis Ningtias, a student of UPH Primary School Teacher Education Study Program from the 2020 cohort. 

All the programs will be implemented from June to October 2023 and will conclude with the preparation of a final report. The implementation of this grant program demonstrates that UPH students can put into practice the values instilled by UPH, namely, becoming future leaders who bring about transformation and positive impact on society. 

Congratulations to the five UPH student organizations that have successfully received funding from the 2023 Ormawa Strengthening Program. 


Student Executive Board (BEM-UPH) 

Faculty Advisor: Wiputra Cendana, B.Sc., M.Pd. 


 1. Aldy M. Fanggidae (Primary School Teacher Education – 2020) – Team Leader 

2. Sianne Tania (Communication Studies – 2020) 

3. Eartha Alarita Gunawan (Accounting – 2020) 

4. Grace Alfine Mamoto (Social Science Education – 2020) 

5. Nico Nainggolan (Social Science Education – 2020) 

6. Veronika Pratiwi Kaitu (Social Science Education – 2020) 

7. Nadya Roseline (Law – 2020) 

8. Nesya Haliza Kartika (International Relations – 2021) 

9. Jocelyn Lim (Music Arts – 2021) 

10. Caroline Sharon Sulimro (Psychology – 2021) 

11. Angely (Pharmacy – 2021) 

12. Darryn Emilio Nathaniel (Psychology – 2021) 

13. Natasya Saputra (Interior Design – 2021) 

14. Patricia Aurelia Frederica (Management – 2021) 

15. Yeremia Krisetya (Biology Education – 2022) 

Pharmacy Student Association (HMPS Farmasi) 

Faculty Advisor: Junius Hardy, S.T., M.T., M.A 


 1. Jessica Laurencia (Pharmacy – 2021) – Team Leader 

2. Eugenia Nayumi Gosal (Pharmacy – 2021) 

3. Amida Kesya Mardiyono (Pharmacy – 2021) 

4. Anugerah Moses Matthew Kaawoan (Pharmacy – 2021) 

5. Patricia Ellyzabeth Erica (Pharmacy – 2021) 

6. Kimberly Sharon Pakpahan (Pharmacy – 2021) 

7. Monika Karnadi (Industrial Engineering – 2021) 

8. Jessica Theresia (Industrial Engineering – 2021) 

9. David Willyan Turangan (Management – 2022) 

10. Rayhan Pratama Putra (Industrial Engineering – 2021) 

11. Gloria Carent Julieth Ciwulusan (Pharmacy – 2022) 


Chemistry Education Student Association (HMPS PK)  

Faculty Advisor: Friska Juliana Purba, S.Si., M.Pd. 


 1. Raynaldy Marthin Elia (Chemistry Education – 2021) – Team Leader 

2. Ariel Ester Prasetyo Putri (Chemistry Education – 2020) 

3. Desliance Prety Marbun (Chemistry Education – 2020) 

4. Epa Monika Br Ginting (Chemistry Education – 2020) 

5. Ivana Celia Yustiana (Chemistry Education – 2020) 

6. Jeannete Ochtavianny Bolla (Biology Education – 2020) 

7. Meri Puspita Sembiring (Chemistry Education – 2020) 

8. Nancy Rebecca Marito Br Manurung (Chemistry Education – 2020) 

9. Salshalisa Nadiajelty Lulan (Chemistry Education – 2020) 

10. Sintika Agustina Sembiring (Chemistry Education – 2020) 

11. Adeline Eunike Riartoro (Biology Education – 2020) 

12. Christine Febriandini Tinambunan (Chemistry Education – 2021) 

13. Margaret Theresia Hutagaol (Biology Education – 2021) 

14. O. Amin Alva Lahagu (Chemistry Education – 2021) 

15. Putri Apriliya (Chemistry Education – 2021) 


 Social Science Education Student Association (HMPS PIPS) 

 Faculty Advisor: Ariani Tandi Padang, M.Pd. 


 1. Caroline Dwi Surya (Social Science Education – 2020) – Team Leader 

2. Aldy M. Fanggidae (Primary School Teacher Education – 2020) 

3. Suwin Sinambela (Social Science Education – 2020) 

4. Yesy Gisela Hutagaol (Social Science Education – 2020) 

5. Selly Rotua Manalu (Social Science Education – 2020) 

6. Jepta Tamba (Primary School Teacher Education – 2020) 

7. Almendo Victory Tuhumury (Social Science Education – 2020) 

8. Yosua Emmanuel Santoso (Social Science Education – 2020) 

9. Bella Resti Rihi (Physics Education – 2020) 

10. Vinita Parsaulian Sinaga (Economics Education – 2020) 

11. Yeni Ratu Niasanita (Economics Education – 2021) 

12. Desta Novelia (Social Science Education – 2022) 

13. Nenty Ester Bani (Social Science Education – 2022) 

14. Yohana Dewi Sari Tamba (Social Science Education – 2022) 

15. Wulandari Imelda Butarbutar (Social Science Education – 2022) 


Primary School Teacher Education Student Association (HMPS PGSD) 

Faculty Advisor: Bertha Natalina Silitongga, S.T.P, M.Sc. 


1. Monica Lilis Ningtias (Primary School Teacher Education – 2020) – Team Leader 

 2. Anggi Veronika (Indonesian Language Education – 2020) 

 3. Gilbert Lamondang (Indonesian Language Education – 2020) 

 4. Nivea Iswandi (Mathematics Teacher Education – 2020) 

 5. Ria Agnes Lumban Gaol (Primary School Teacher Education – 2020) 

 6. Sela Debora Aprilia (Primary School Teacher Education – 2020) 

 7. Selly Rotua Manalu (Social Science Teacher Education – 2020)  

 8. Ingat Jernita Gulo (Primary School Teacher Education – 2021) 

 9. Intan Liani Agung Zebua (Chemistry Teacher Education – 2021) 

 10. Debora Humipas Boru Malau (Biology Teacher Education – 2022) 

 11. Yoserba Abi El Putri Dita (Primary School Teacher Education – 2022)