Harnessing Augmented Reality Technology, UPH Design Faculty Designed COVID-19 Volunteer Memorial Monument.

Tangerang, 18 September 2023The Indonesian Red Cross COVID-19 Volunteer Memorial Monument of the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI), a creation of Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) Design Faculty, was officially inaugurated on September 19, 2023. The ceremony was led by Drs. H. Muhammad Jusuf Kalla, PMI Chairman and Tangerang Regent DR. H. Ahmed Zaki Iskandar, B.Bus., S.E., M.Si. Situated in the PMI Volunteer Park, Solear, Tangerang Regency, this memorial monument honor and appreciates the volunteers who courageously served on the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

This monument is a result of collaboration across different study programs and student associations within the UPH Design Faculty, including the Architecture, Visual Communication Design (DKV), and Interior Design (DI) program, along with the Architecture Student Association of UPH (Gamatara). This collaborative effort served as a platform for students to apply knowledge from various disciplines in constructing Indonesia’s first volunteer memorial monument. The inauguration event was attended by Minister of Youth and Sports Ario Bimo Nandito Ariotedjo, S.H., Chairwoman of PMI Banten Hj. Ratu Tatu Chasanah, S.E., M.M,  Chairman of PMI Tangerang Regency Drs. H. Soma Atmaja, M.Si., and delegates from international Red Cross organizations. 

During his speech, Ahmed Zaki Iskandar conveyed that the Tangerang Volunteer Park and the newly inaugurated COVID-19 Monument are symbolize appreciation for all health volunteers, including doctors, nurses, and other volunteers, who dedicated their lives caring for COVID-19 patients. Zaki said, “We vividly remember the volunteers who wore Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during their services, and some of them even passed away while performing their duties. We must appreciate and honor them. I hope the next generations can learn, remember, and embody their spirit”. 

In his remarks, Drs. M. Jusuf Kalla expressed his hope for the establishment of similar volunteer parks in other locations to serve as training and preparation centers for volunteers. He stated, “I appreciate that a establishment of a volunteer park in Tangerang Regency We hope this park will benefit various community elements, including the Scouts (pramuka), PMI, and the entire community. Furthermore, today marks the inauguration of the COVID-19 volunteer monument, serving as a reminder of the dedication of those who lost their lives while serving during the past COVID-19 pandemic.” 

During the event, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between PMI and the Ministry of Youth and Sports (Kemenpora), represented by the Minister. In his remarks, the Minister expressed appreciation for PMI’s initiative in establishing the volunteer park as a hub for local activities and training, aiming to enhance the capacity and skills of the residents. He emphasized that PMI is a vital pillar within the humanitarian organizations in Indonesia. 


About the COVID-19 Memorial Monument 

The COVID-19 Volunteer Memorial Monument, designed by the UPH Design Faculty, features an infinity symbol layout, symbolizing the enduring spirit of volunteers across generation. Taking the form of a corridor, visitors are guided through a timeline illustrating the chronology and milestones of significant events during the pandemic. The monument encapsulates the philosophy of resilience and growth, embodied by bamboo shoots or buds. 

Emanuel Agung Wicaksono, the architecture planner and Vice Chair of UPH Architecture Program, explained that Augmented Reality (AR) technology expedited the design and construction process with precision. Students from the UPH Design Faculty actively contributed to the design and construction of the monument.  

“Students involved in Gamatara were actively engaged in the design process. Their activities ranged from conceptualization to developing AR technology innovations in construction. Therefore, the construction process was accelerated with the aid of this technology. The design of this monument also represents the UPH Design Faculty’s dedication to the community,” said Emanuel. 

Moreover, Emanuel stated that the design and construction process served as excellent learning media for students, allowing them to apply theories acquired during lectures to the actual construction of the monument.  

Moreover, Emanuel highlighted that the design and construction process served as an excellent learning medium for students. It provided them with the opportunity to apply theories acquired during lectures to the practical aspects of constructing the monument. 

Drs. Soma Atmaja, M.Si., elaborated that bamboo is the identity of Tangerang Regency, known for its strength, ability to reach great heights, rapid growth, flexibility, and versatility. He expressed hope that the volunteers trained at PMI Volunteer Park would embody the commendable characteristics associated with bamboo. 

“Our nation often forgets its history; through this monument, we can impart education to the younger generation about the significance of remembering the humanitarian efforts. This knowledge will motivate and instill resilience in them, encouraging the pursuit of noble humanitarian missions. We express our gratitude to UPH for the outstanding cooperation, spanning from the design phase to construction,” explained Soma. 

Through the establishment of this monument, UPH aspires to symbolize a robust synergy among educational institutions, government, and PMI, aiming to collaboratively nurture a resilient younger generation. This generation is envisioned to be mindful of its history and capable of emerging as future leaders with a positive impact. 


Architecture Planners: 

Emanuel Agung Wicaksono (lecturer) 

Gamatara Peduli (Kevin Dary Ahmad, Derryl Justine Setiawan, Josephine Valerie) 

Augmented Reality Planners: 

Gregorius Gegana, Jacky Thiodore (lecturers) 

Jessica Novia, Felicia Yosefanny, Angella 

Graphic Design Planners: 

Lorentius Calvin (lecturer) 

Lighting Planners: 

Bambang Nugroho (lecturer) 

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