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Kegiatan Mahasiswa UPH – Beyond Academics, We Impact Lives

Melalui seluruh program & kegiatan mahasiswa, kamu akan tumbuh sebagai pribadi yang utuh, siap untuk membuat dampak di dalam dan melalui komunitas, baik di dalam maupun di luar kampus. Inilah tempat di mana pertumbuhan rohani, pembentukan karakter, dan pengembangan bakat dihargai dan saling berkaitan.

Berikut ini merupakan jenis kegiatan mahasiswa UPH:

kegiatan mahasiswa


Here is the place where spiritual growth, character building, and talent development are valued and intertwined. Through all activities & programs, you will grow as a whole person, ready to make an impact in and through communities, both within and outside the campus.

Youth Camp.

Do you truly understand the gospel? Do you really know our Creator & Redeemer personally? Youth Camp is intended to meet this crucial need of every person. Through this gospel-centered event, you will be transformed, strengthened, even challenged by the gospel message to live out their new identity in Christ.

Cornerstone Initiative.

The forming of student leaders with integrity and who make an impact is very important. Therefore, the Cornerstone Initiative is held to equip student leaders with Christ-centered perspective and character of a Christian leader.

Spiritual Growth Discipleship Camp.

Christians are not only called to be disciples of Christ but also to make disciples. SGDC is intended for students who are called to make disciples through spiritual activities of UPH student. This event will equip each participant with the concepts and methods of evangelism & discipleship, preparing participant to become leader of discipleship group.

U-Speak Apologetics.

Do you have questions or doubtful thoughts about faith and truth? This is the place for you to discuss it! While you are looking for answers, U-Speak Apologetics accommodates you through open dialogue and also apologetic training that equips you with a biblical perspective, enabling you to speak the truth among students in facing the thoughts that doubt the Christian faith.

More Info, please contact: Eliana Vocalisa (081212747762)

Bible Exploration Class.

Do we really understand the Bible? BEC is a transformative learning forum for all who want to study the Bible in depth and comprehensively, which moves from the biblical narrative, to the theology contained in it, to its application for students, workers, and citizens.

Contact: Ida Krisdayanti (08129689022 /

Weekly Activities

Student Fellowship

In Christ, we are united to become a family. There is no stranger, no discrimination in social status, economic, race and age. We're united together to praise and worship our Lord and to listen to the living word of God by which we're renewed.


Friday, 11:35-12:50 Building D, room 501
LINE: wwk8249f

BASIC Ministry

BASIC is a student-led Bible study movement, focusing on discipleship and fellowship. With a small group method, it allows each student within the group to be actively engaged in bible study group discussion and to grow together in applying truths of the Bible.


Thursday, 16.45-18.30 MYC Multipurpose Room
Brigita Charisma Djampi 082144270718

Prayer Gathering

Prayer Gathering is much more than a routine; it is the place where you’ll be able to share each other’s burdens and grow together in the life of prayer, experiencing the God who hears and answer your prayers.


Tuesday, 12.00-13.00 -- Building B, room 232 Thursday, 12.00-13.00 -- Gazebo

UPH Mentoring is a process of one year mentoring for new students in which senior students will become mentors and role models for mentees both academically and non-academically.


  • Helping new students adapting & finding associations and communities that hold positive values at UPH.
  • Being an example for new students & guiding them in the academic process, as well as in terms of leadership, character, social compassion, and spirituality.
  • Producing leaders who have virtuous character and graduates who are skilled in their fields and are dedicated to serving God and others.

How To Become A Mentor?

The opportunity to learn to be a mentor is precious as it is profitable, not only in campus life, but also in professional world. Don’t miss this opportunity!



Email: /

Staff: /

Office: gedung B, lantai 3

Twitter: @mentoringuph

Instagram: Mentoring UPH

Youtube: Mentoring UPH

What's Student Organizations?

Student Organization exists to accommodate, process, and implement students' aspirations, making a progress in campus. By becoming its member, you will learn how to build relationships with others, think creatively, and be responsible in every decision.

UPH Student Organization

Majelis Perwakilan Mahasiswa (MPM)

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WHO ARE WE MPM UPH is the highest student organization where the members are representative of each major in UPH.
VISION & MISSION Vision To develop as the highest student organization of Universitas Pelita Harapan that operates as the legislative function to serve students through the values of SUSTAIN. Mission To serve students as the student legislative body by facilitating student aspirations, supervising the Student Executive Board, building and sustaining strong relations among all student leaders in Universitas Pelita Harapan to create synergy.
Majelis Perwakilan Mahasiswa (MPM) Majelis Perwakilan Mahasiswa (MPM)
  • ``From students, by students, for students.`` In MPM, you will contribute in processing student's aspirations into real impact. You will also get valuable experiences as you meet representative from different majors to facilitate all student units in UPH.

    Priscilla Joanne

    Chairwoman of Majelis Perwakilan Mahasiswa (MPM) 2018-2019


LINE: @mpmuph

IG: @mpmuph


Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa (BEM)

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WHO ARE WE BEM-UPH is a student organization that functions as an executive institution by implementing work programs in accordance with the Student Executive Board Guidelines (GBH BEM) stipulated by the Student Representative Board of Universitas Pelita Harapan (MPM-UPH)
VISION & MISSION VISION: To be an organization which actively serve students by meeting the needs and responding to internal and external problems through relevant and sustainable actions. MISSION: - Synergy: to build synergy among organizations in UPH. - Spirit: to develop the spirit of UPH's student to involve in organizations and researches based on the problems that is happening, both inside and outside UPH. - Contribution: to contribute to the society by doing a sustainable service activities.
Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa (BEM) Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa (BEM)
  • Becoming a member of BEM-UPH is a valuable opportunity. You can serve UPH and its students while thriving your potential. Come and join BEM-UPH and participate in the various activities held.

    Yosua Yeremia

    President of Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa (BEM) 2018-2019


Line: @BEM_UPH



Nusantara Dance Company.

Nusantara Dance Company is a student club for students who are interested in Indonesian traditional dances. Nusantara Dance Company has represented UPH in various national, and even international events.

UPH Choir.

UPH Choir is a student club for students who are interested in choral singing. UPH Choir has represented UPH in various national, and even international events.

Production Troops.

Production Troops is a student club that facilitate the students who have a talent in event management. Students will learn to prepare all the activity behind the scene as a event organizer for all the events in UPH. Production Troops will teach the student how to become a stage manager, create all the schedule design, artistic directing, budgeting, publicity and dynamics team.

Movie Production Club.

Movie Production Club is a form of student club which developing students who are interested in film making. This student club teach about theory and practical in film making, such as directing, director of photography, scriptwriting, and editing.

Pelita Harapan Photography Club.

Pelita Harapan Photography Club (PHPC) is a form of student club which developing students who are interested in photography. PHPC teaches various theories and techniques of taking photos. Students will be able to place the objects in the correct frames and compositions.


Here at UPH, we value your passion & talent, as well as the community in which you meet others who have the same passion. Now, It's your turn to explore all the student clubs that we have to help you develop your talent.