Ronnie Gardiner Method & Thesis-writing and Practicum Case Workshop.

Internal Workshop for Music Therapy students & related professions (limited seats) Musik UPH

Music Therapy is an integration between music and other disciplines related to human mental and physical health, such as psychotherapy, psychology, neurology, etc. One of the methods in Music Therapy is called Ronnie Gardiner Method.

The Ronnie Gardiner Method Workshop will show us how this method works, namely, by using multi-sensor devices, such as audio, visual, touch and kinetic energy with rhythm, music and sound / motion code. This will stimulate a person’s mobility, reading skill, speaking skill, self-conception, body image, memory balance, motoric skill, concentration, and social skill.

This workshop is held to prepare the students of Music Therapy concentration to be a competent therapist. Presented by Dr. Bruggen-Rufi, the workshop will give a new inspiration to students, lecturers, and other participants, as well as instill the passion to promote Music Therapy in Indonesia.