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UPH Choir & Voxcom Femme Conservatory of Music
Winning 5 Gold Medals at International Choir Festival 2017
UPH Students took home a pleasing achievement from Bali International Choir Festival (BICF) 2017. In addition to the 3 gold medals achieved by the UPH Choir team, UPH's Voxcom Femme Conservatory of Music team also took home two gold medals. This annual competition has been held since 2012. In 2017, it is the sixth time the BICF held on July 14-20. Participated by 7000 participants of 140 choirs from 14 countries and 14 judges or choir experts from abroad, Voxcom Femme played two songs in the open competition, namely, Bottom of the River and This is My Wish arranged by Nadia Delarosa (the member of Voxcom Femme). In the Championship and Grand Prix, Voxcom presented an additional song called Circle of Life which was also arranged by Nadia Delarosa. For UPH CoM, this achievement became an encouragement to work harder to achieve the next goal and gain valuable experience to be able to perform with other choirs both nationally and internationally. The enthusiasm for achieving better achievements was also felt by members of the Voxcom Femme team. Following is the testimony of Tyasta Pangalila (2016): "Joining BICF is very fun because I can see so many choirs not only from Indonesia but from many other countries. At BICF I also met many great people who work in the music field. I can learn a lot from them and good choirs that appear, motivating me to be even better."
Silvia Ervina
Gold Winner of the 2018-2019 AYDA
Silvia Ervina, as the winner of the Interior Design category, and Daniel, the winner for Architecture category from Universitas Kristen Petra Surabaya in the AYDA will be competing with other participants from 14 countries to obtain the Asia’s Young Designer of the Year award as well as a scholarship in Harvard University Graduate School of Design (GSD), in a form of Summer School Program in Harvard University Graduate School of Design (GSD) in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. Ervina was able to achieve a successful outcome by choosing the Lawang Sewu building in Semarang as the project she will be working on for the 2018-2019 AYDA Award; she will also use this work as her final project for her final years in School of Design (SoD) UPH. Ervina chose this particular building because of her desire and empathy for this building because for a very long time, this building has only been perceived as a haunted place. “Lawang Sewu is interesting, but people only know the horror aspect of the building. Although in reality, Lawang Sewu is a train museum. Thus, I want to create a work of design that aims to spike people’s interest to visit the building to have an emotional experience from the historical background and aspects of the building. This also relates back to the Dutch and Japan’s era,” Ervina then explained. Along with Ervina’s achievement, Agnes S. Azarja, one of UPH’s Interior Design lecturer who was also Ervina’s supervisor, also got the award for Best Lecturer during the competition.
Sri Rembulan (Accounting 2017)
Chosen as CPA Australia Ambassador 2020-2021
Bella Nathania (Accounting 2014), Heidy Natalia Kindy (Accounting 2014), dan Calvina (Accounting 2014)
The 2nd Winner of Indonesia Accounting Fair 18 (IAF) Competition
UPH Business School, through the Accounting team, succeeded in the national arena of Indonesia Accounting Fair 18 (IAF) competition held by the Universitas Indonesia, on March 2017. This achievement adds to the series of achievements achieved in 2017 including the 1st place in The Accounting and Business Competition (D'ABC), and the 3rd place in the national level accounting competition 'Atma Jaya Yogyakarta Supreme Accounting Competition (ASAC)'. One of the two teams sent by the UPH Accounting study program won 2nd place and took home a trophy and 600 USD cash prize. The UPH Accounting Team that succeeded to win consisted of Bella Nathania (2014), Heidy Natalia Kindy (2014), and Calvina (2014). The IAF 18 competition was attended by 24 teams from 16 universities, including Universitas Airlangga (2 teams), Universitas Widya Mandala, Universitas Surabaya (2 teams), and Universitas Trisakti School Management (2 teams).
Caroline Team & Novie Anggraini Boenawan Team (Business School 2008)
The 3rd Winner of Widyatama Debate Competition III
Two debate teams of UPH Business School students made it to rank 3, after Binus and London School, in the 'Widyatama Debate Competition III' event at Universitas Widyatama Bandung, on February 22-24, 2010. The teams, all of which were from class of 2008, was led by Caroline, with her members Renita Widjaja and Thea Magdalena, and Novie Anggraini Boenawan, with her members Amanda Setiono and Candola. In this competition, students were encouraged to be able to express their opinions verbally. With guidance from lecturer Yohana F. Cahya Palupi, M.Sp., M.Sc. and Feriadi D. Pongtuluran, SE., MM, these two teams succeeded to compete with other teams which some of whom often win similar debate competitions. Even though the UPH team only got the third position, the achievement was quite encouraging for students who had just prepared this competition on seven days before the D-day due to the late notice. This was also quite satisfying, considering that the average competing team was student in semester 6 and 7, while the UPH team was students in semester 4.
UPH Interior Design Student Becomes the Gold Winner of Asia Young Designer Award 2020
Gold Winner of Asia Young Designer Award (AYDA) 2020
Another achievement was once again obtained by the Interior Design Department, School of Design Universitas Pelita Harapan (SoD UPH) through one of its students, Greta Elsa Nurtjahja (Interior Design, 2014) who became the Gold Winner of Asia Young Designer Award (AYDA) 2020. The wonderful news was announced on January 17, 2020 at Hermitage Hotel, Jakarta. Through this achievement, the Gold Winner title has been achieved by UPH Interior Design students for two consecutive years, 2018/2019 and 2019/2020. This year’s AYDA was the seventh event held by Nippon Paint Indonesia in collaboration with the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education of Indonesia. The year’s event was followed by 486 works of students from 26 universities. The winner is chosen based on its compatibility with the event’s appointed theme: “Forward a Sustainable Future”. Through this theme, the committee aims to encourage participants upon growing their ability in answering the variety of challenges within the contemporary society in order to enhance the life quality of society and environment. Hopefully, the winner of this event can give a genuine contribution for the architecture and interior design industry of Indonesia.
Ingvania & Daniel (Architecture 2017)
The First Winner of International Architecture Design Competition
The design of residence entitled Garden Living Space, by Ingvania and Dannel, UPH Architecture students from class of 2013, was chosen as the first winner in the International Architecture Design themed 'Urban Housing' which was held by the UK Petra Architectural Student Association, on March 1-2, 2017, in Surabaya. The work carries the concept of a house as a garden, and a garden as a home. In this competition, participants were asked to design houses that accommodate natural and local cultural riches, and specifically expected to be able to meet the needs of each family member of the householder who has different needs. The unique design of houses is also expected to be inclusive for family members who use wheelchairs. The design of the house must also be adjusted to the determined size and the location of urban dwellings with a fairly dense population.
Jullyam and Ario Nugroho Suprapto, Nicosius Geraldi and Steven Wijaya
Passed through the Selection at Asean Skills Competition XII
The first step was passed by the UPH Industrial Engineering team, in the Asean Skills Competition XII regional selection that took place from 1-4 August 2017. The team consisting of Jullyam and Ario Nugroho Suprapto won the first place, while a team consisting of Nicosius Geraldi and Steven Wijaya won the second place. They are students of Industrial Engineering class of 2014 who are currently completing their final assignments. The Asean Skills Competition is an event held by the Directorate of Stankomlatker Directorate General of Binalattas, Ministry of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia. Selection is done from the regional level to find the best candidates who will represent the province and continue with national level selection. Participants who qualify for the national level will attend training for approximately 1 year and there will be a final selection to determine the participants who will represent Indonesia in the XII ASEAN Skills Competition (ASC) in Bangkok Thailand 2018. “Besides luck, accuracy is one of the keys that made us win in this competition. The system of per-point assessments, makes us prioritize what is right compared to wanting to quickly finish it. It’s okay, everything important is fulfilled,” Jullyam explained. He added that what was obtained in the class was more or less the same as what they faced during the competition. That’s what makes them accustomed to when facing problems in the competition. “You could say this is his form of luck,” said Jullyam.
UPH Faculty of Medicine Team
Overall Winner in Regional Medical Olympiad (RMO) 2017
UPH Faculty of Medicine (UPH FK) succeeded to maintain the overall champion position at the 2017 Regional Medical Olympiad (RMO) which took place at the School of Medicine at Universitas Kristen Krida Wacana, Jakarta, August 18-21, 2017. This victory repeated its previous success in the event RMO 2016. Although it is arguably a newcomer, the ability of the UPH FK team is truly extraordinary, with 3 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze won. Each gold is in the field of Gastroentero-hepatology, Uro-Reproduction, and Cardio-Respiratory, whereas silver for the Musculo-Skeletal and Neuro-Psychiatry fields, and then bronze for Tropical Infection. In this competition, UPH FK sent 6 teams, each consisting of two medical students, for each field of competition: the field of Cardiology and Respiratory System, represented by Nicholas Gabriel HR (FK 2014) and Hubert Subekti (FK 2015); Gastroentero-hepatology System, represented by Gilbert Sterling Oktavius ??(FK 2014) and Felicia Imanuella Thorion (FK 2015); Musculoskeletal System, represented by Kartika Darmaya (FK 2014) and Vika Damay (FK 2014); Neuropsychiatry System, represented by Kevin Christian (FK 2014) and Cynthia Putri (FK 2014); Uro-Reproductive System, represented by Prio Wibisono (FK 2014) and Irene (FK 2015); and the field of Tropical Infection, represented by Alicya Lesmanadjaja (FK 2014) and Michael Don (FK 2014). This competition was attended by 14 institutions joined in the Region 2 Indonesian Medical Student Senate Association (ISMKI), namely, DKI Jakarta, Tangerang Banten, West Java, and West Kalimantan. This competition is the second time held, and each year the level of difficulty of the material tested increases according to developments in the field of medical science. After going through a fairly tight round, the UPH FK was chosen as the overall champion followed by FK UKRIDA in the second place and FK UI in the third place.
Grace Feoh, Cindy Lawani, Sherlin Hia, Imas Dwi, Grasiana Su, Febrica Putri (Keperawatan)
Winners in several categories in National Nursing Festival 2015
Students of the Faculty of Nursing (FON) won several categories in the National Nursing Festival 2015 held by the Universitas Indonesia (UI) Nursing Faculty (FIK) on November 20-22, 2015. Competing with leading universities in Indonesia such as UI, ITB, UNPAD, UNDIP, UNIBRAW, and others, the 1st place on the Spelling Bee was won by Grace Feoh, the 2nd place on the Speech Competition was won by Cindy Lawani, the 3rd place on the Peotry Competition by Sherlin Hia, and the 2nd place on the Fast Competition Right was won by Imas Dwi, Grasiana Su, and Febrica Putri. In addition, the FON students, Grace Feoh and Romayanti Sunurat, also won the 3rd place on the English Debate with the theme "Nurses' role in diabetes and diabetic ulcer management" in the Nursing Scientific Festival 2015 held by Universitas Brawijaya (UNIBRAW) Malang on October 16-18, 2015. UPH FON also won the award with the 3rd largest average score and passed 100% of the 2015 Ners Indonesia Competition Test by Kemenristek Dikti, where only 3 nursing institutions passed 100% of approximately 409 S-1 Nursing in Indonesia.
Hubert Subekti & Irene
Gold Medal Winner in Regional Medical Olympiad
Hubert Subekti and Irene, Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) Faculty of Medicine students of the 2015 batch, won a gold medal for the Urogenital category of the Regional Medical Olympiad 2018. This is all thanks to their display of creativity and independence. Mere creativity is not enough – they are also fully backed up by lecturer and Urologist in Siloam Hospitals Karawaci, Dr. dr. Edwin Tobing, Sp.U and dr. Christiano Tansol, Sp.U. This is the third consecutive win for UPH – UPH has been holding the title for three years. In addition to their win, UPH Faculty of Medicine also brought home four other wins. UPH won 2nd place for the Cardiorespiratory and Tropical Infection categories and 3rd place for the Neuropsychiatry and Musculoskeletal categories. Hubert and Irene told about their experience competing with other participants. “We had to compete against a lot of top state universities, but we didn’t feel inferior and we keep doing our best,” Irene declared. RMO is held by Ikatan Senat Mahasiswa Kedokteran Indonesia, or the Indonesian Medical Student’s Executive Board Association (ISMKI), and runs every year in 3 different regions. UPH competed with other universities in DKI Jakarta, Banten, West Java, and West Kalimantan in Regional 2. There is a total of 11 universities participating, consisting of both state and private universities.
UPH NLMCC, Dinda Fathira (Law 2017)
The 3rd Winner in the Justice for Marine & Forestry Crimes Competition at Conservation Cup IV
After winning the 3rd place in the Fransseda Cup Competition at Universitas Katolik Atma Jaya with the theme “Cyber Crime” in 2018 ago, NLMCC (National Law Moot Court Community) UPH won the 3rd place in Marine & Forestry Crimes Moot Court Competition at Conservation Cup IV held by Semarang State University (UNNES) on March 22-25, 2019. Not only won the 3rd place, NLMCC FH UPH also won the Best Registrar Award, played by one of the delegates named Dinda Fathira, 2017. The competition held by UNNES is held every Once every 2 (two) years.
Faculty of Law Students
3rd Winner of 'Piala Konservasi IV'
The awareness towards the amount of forestry and maritime crime in Indonesia has motivated 18 students from the Faculty of Law (FH) of Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) to join a national competition called ‘Piala Konservasi IV’, held on March 22-25, 2019 in Universitas Negeri Semarang. As a result, they had successfully won as the 3rd winner in this Moot Court Competition by using forestry and maritime crime as their main topic. “We believed that the environmental pollution law and regulation in Indonesia is still poorly conducted, especially with its criminal code. Because up until now, most cases that deal with environmental pollution has only been acted upon according to civil law; that only deals with compensation. Therefore, we think that Indonesia needs an additional law that regulates waste pollution. We are fully aware about this and hopefully, with our participation in this competition, we really show that we care about Indonesia’s natural wealth,” said Marchell Mico Pakel (Law 2015), as one of the team members.
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Kristela Margono, Florencia Cindy & Rhency
3rd Winner of GoPRO Competition in UAI
Becoming a professional must be trained since today. That is what University of Pelita Harapan (UPH) Communication Science (Ilkom) students implemented, Kristela Margono, Florencia Cindy, and Rhency. They took a part in GoPRO – Go PR Professional competition that was conducted at Al Azhar Indonesia University (UAI) on August 3 and 5, 2018. The students from cohort 2016 won the 3rd place by raising the idea of caring for the survival of marine animals, especially in Ancol. Regarding the reason of raising the idea about the survival of marine animals, they considered this thing as an important one because they saw that the cleanliness of marine ecosystems contributed to creating an ideal marine life.” Besides UPH, the participants in this competition were Padjajaran University which sent two teams, and both won 1st and 2nd place. Each of them raised the theme of Sumatran Elephant protection and protection against animal exploitation. The competition was their first participation. Kristela claimed to be very happy and proud with their victory. The study program also appreciated their victory by adding more value to the Public Relations Marketing course which was considered relevant to this competition. It also has made the three students enthusiastic to take part in other public relations competitions.
Clarita , David Gunarso & Elizabeth Lius
1st Winner of Ethnicity Intolerance Eradication Campaign
The intolerance towards ethnicities is a problem increasing at a dangerous rate in social media. This is the concern fueling a Campaign Project executed by three Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) Communication Science – Public Relations students, Clarita (2016), David Gunarso (2017), and Elizabeth Lius (2017). Their attempt landed them in 1st place in the PRAHASTA (Pertempuran Humas Nusantara) category in Ajisaka 2018 held in Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) Yogyakarta, on November 2-3, 2018. “We started the campaign through Instagram, seeing that it’s one of the most prominent social media. We made infographics, facts, and presented visual information about ethnicity intolerance. Then, we designed the main event – we made a competition that urges students, as millennials, to participate, and we named it ‘Terasi – Tebas Rasa Intoleransi’ (Eradicate Intolerance). In this competition, participants are presented with case studies and will be asked to propose a solution to the problem using facilities identical with the millennial era. This is what we proposed. And this is what brings us to victory,” Elizabeth said. The proposal won UPH a place in the top 5. All participants in the top 5 are required to present their proposal in front of the judges, namely the CEO of Media Buffet PR, Bima Marzuki; UGM Communication Science Lecturer, I Gusti Ngurah Putra, and the Head of Biro Komunikasi Dan Layanan Informasi (the Bureau of Communication and Information Services) of the Ministry of Finance Nufransa Wira Sakti. The presentations are then scored and UPH came out first, with Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta as the first runner-up and Universitas Indonesia as the second runner-up.
Juan Ferdinand & Firtiza Octalia Eddy
3rd Winner of 'Baru Gede Award'
In 2018, Citra Pariwara has managed to receive hundreds of the best advertising project submissions from all over Indonesia, this competition was held by the Association of Indonesia’s Advertising Company (PPPI). Specifically, for student category, the award is called ‘Baru Gede’(BG) award. This competition was made to measure students’ creativity levels. UPH Communications Students, Juan Ferdinand and Firtiza Octalia Eddy have successfully won a bronze trophy in ‘Baru Gede Award’ category among 73 entries from various universities all over Indonesia. Their advertising project with the title ‘Awas Kena Azab’ has gain the interest of the judges and has successfully came out as the third winner. “To be the finalist is already something for me, but to be the winner is something that I didn’t expect,” said Juan. ‘Awas Kena Azab’ (‘Beware of Punishment’) is an advertising campaign which rises from the negative issues that has been spread about vaccine in Indonesia. Juan said that the target of advertising campaign with his concept is meant for middle to lower class people who likes to watch Indonesian television drama about ‘azab’ (a religious punishment).
Christina Florensya Mandagi
Winner The 73rd Anniversary of the Foreign Ministry's Vlog Competition
Through the vlog entitled "Our Style Diplomacy", Christina Florensya Mandagi won 1st place in defeating other vlogs from both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country and Indonesian Representatives abroad. At the event of the vlog competition of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the 73rd Indonesian Independence Day, the message conveyed through Christina's vlog is that anyone can do a diplomacy. This final year student of the 2015 UPH International Relations Study Program admitted that she herself had never made a vlog before. But with the skills and knowledge gained during college, she succeeded in completing this vlog. "What I've got at UPH really helps me," Christina said. Through the vlog, she and the Indonesian Embassy in Sofia (Bulgaria) want to convey that overseas diplomacy is actually not as complicated as people think and can be done through various simple methods, such as cultural diplomacy. "Through this vlog, even ordinary people can learn about diplomacy, because it is presented in a simple way, such as through traditional clothing such as batik, holding traditional food festivals, also presenting various dances from Indonesia," she added.
Angeline Kartika (Information Systems 2017)
The 1st Winner of Digital Marketing Competition 2020 in Taiwan
Angeline Kartika, Universitas Pelita Harapan Information Systems' (SI UPH) student, class of 2017, won the 1st place in The 5th Chong Yue Video Competition 2020, in Taiwan. This international competition was held by TOPCO Scientific Co., LTD., Taiwan, of which was conducted online in August-December 2019, and the announcement of the winners on March 3, 2020. Participants were 50 groups, each consisting of 4 people from various countries. TOPCO Scientific Co., LTD. itself is a company in Taiwan engaged in the high-tech industry, which provides services in the form of equipment system integration and maintenance, as well as producing several products such as semi-conductor material, equipment and opto-electronic material, electronic material, and others. Through the competition, Topco promoted the idea of ??using digital technology to promote a brand. Angeline admitted that she faced several challenges in working with teams from different countries during the competition, such as how to communicate,  and the differences culture & timezone. But for her, this became an opportunity to learn to be able to work efficiently and effectively regardless of the situation. “In this competition we, have to analyze social media for promotion and there are various terms related to technology-based promotion. For me, this is already familiar, because in SI UPH we have learned the use of technology to do business,” Angel said. But Angel acknowledged, in addition to being equipped with the knowledge in the classroom, the support and motivation from lecturers were also very important.
Antonius Budianto (Industrial Engineering 2007), Natalia Kristiani (Industrial Engineering 2007), Yuliana (Industrial Engineering 2008), and Yovan Aditya (Industrial Engineering 2008)
The 1st Winner in Industrial Engineering Science Competition (LKTI) 2010
Four students from UPH Industrial Engineering Study Program just won the first place in the Industrial Engineering Science Competition (LKTI) on March 12, 2010. The competition held by the Universitas Indonesia is an annual event to test students' abilities in the theory and practice of Industrial Engineering. In 2009, UPH was in third place and in 2008 in second place. "We were given a case study of earthquakes in the Sunda Strait which must be completed by simulation. How the risk management and business continuity plan are, namely how to deal with the disaster and how long a company can be fully recovered," said Antonius Budianto, student of UPH Industrial Engineering, class of 2007. Antonius' teammates are Natalia Kristiani (2007), Yuliana (2008), and Yovan Aditya (2008). The four of them succeeded to amaze the judges in the last round because the victims who fell on the UPH team simulation were the least among the other five teams. "During the race, we were not allowed to consult with the lecturer. So from the paper until the simulation round is purely the result of our hard work," added Natalia. This competition was held on March 8, 2010 and was attended by 32 teams from 20 universities in Indonesia, both private and public universities.
Fernando, Wibowo, Gloria, and Petrick
The 3rd Winner in LKTI 2014
Four UPH Industrial Engineering students (Fernando, Wibowo, Gloria, and Petrick) won the 3rd place in Lomba Keilmuan Teknik Industri held by Universitas Indonesia from March 9-13, 2014. Since 2001, LKTI (Lomba Keilmuan Teknik Industri) is continuously conducted by Industrial Engineering students of Universitas Indonesia. LKTI is widely known as scientific competition among Industrial Engineer student in order to enhance the ability of solving industrial problem. LKTI is not only a discussion and knowledge sharing forum, but also a place to implement the concept of Industrial Engineering in the real world. “Welcoming 2015 ASEAN Open Sky: Escalating Nation’s Airlines Competitiveness through Service Management” has been promoted as the theme of LKTI 2014. The theme was motivated by the ASEAN Open Skies policy which is going to be implemented in 2015. This competition was participated by 25 teams who were short-listed at the preliminary round where they had to make a paper about airlines. Those 25 teams came from various state and private universities in Indonesia, such as Universitas Indonesia, Universitas Andalas, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Universitas Bina Nusantara, Universitas Islam Indonesia, Universitas Pelita Harapan, Universitas Sumatera Utara, President University, Universitas Katholik Parahyangan, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November, Universitas Al-Azhar Indonesia, Universitas Kristen Petra, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Universitas Diponegoro, Universitas Surabaya and Universitas Sebelas Maret.
Isabella Supardi, Sabrina Yoshe, and Valentina Jasmine
The 2nd Winner in the NFTC 2014
The UPH Food Technology Team won 2nd place in the National Food Technology Competition (NFTC). The UPH team consisted of three Food Technology students of the 2011 class, namely Isabella Supardi, Sabrina Yoshe, and Valentina Jasmine. The team submitted a paper entitled Utilization of Cambodian Flower Sandalwood (Plumeria rubra f. Lutea) in 'Herbal Tea' products. The Winners got cash prize. NFTC is a series of national level scientific workshops and competitions that focus on food issues in Indonesia. The theme raised at the year's NFTC was "Increasing Food Security through Food Product Diversification". This was motivated by the condition of Indonesia's high population growth and if it was not anticipated it could lead to a food crisis. One of the prevention efforts was to strengthen food security through diversification of food products by utilizing various types of foodstuffs. The event took place on May 10, 2014, Benedictus Auditorium Building B, 4th Floor, Widya Mandala Catholic University, Surabaya (UKWMS). The NFTC was initiated by the Student Executive Board (BEM) of the Faculty of Food Technology of Widya Mandala Catholic University of Surabaya (FTP-UKWMS) since 2007 and it is held annually.
Abe Gracia
The 1st Winner in Mathematics on ON MIPA PT 2014
On May 21-25, 2014, UPH had the opportunity to take part in the National Olympiad of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the College level (ON MIPA PT). Abe Gracia (class of 2011) won 1st place in Mathematics at ONMIPA PT 2014. Abe successfully competed with other participants who were students from well-known public universities such as UI, ITB, UGM, and IPB, and completed questions that had a higher level of difficulty than ON MIPA PT the previous year. According to the Director of Learning and Student Affairs of the Directorate General of Higher Education, Illah Sailah, as reported on the website of Dikti.go.id, the achievement of the value of ON MIPA-PT participants at this time is better than last year. He hopes to be able to facilitate the winners to continue their studies to the Masters level. Among the twenty-five participants who won the Mathematics award, seven were selected to take part in the International Mathematical Competition XXI held on July 28 to August 5, 2014 in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. Even though the year UPH did not qualify for the international level, the enthusiasm for achieving the best was proven through the achievement of the gold medal at the national level. Abe achieved this achievement is expected to motivate other students not only from the Mathematics Department, but all UPH students to show off in prestigious national and even international competitions.
Chiara Wijaya and Veliana Lim
Receiving Research Funding Assistance from PT Indofood
The two students of UPH Food Technology, Chiara Wijaya (2010) and Veliana Lim (2010), were selected as recipients of Research Funds from PT Indofood through the Indofood Riset Nugraha (IRN) Program for the 2014-2015 period. PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk ("Indofood") invites undergraduate student in Indonesia to contribute to food security and national nutritional adequacy through research that promotes Marine and Land-Based Food Diversity. Research proposals from UPH Foodtech students each entitled The Increased Acceptability of Winged Milk (Psophocarpus Tetragonolobus (L.) (DC.) with Addition of Stabilizers and Ginger Juice, proposed by Chiara, and the Study of Characteristics and Stability of Emulsifiers of Okra Mucus Powder (Abelmoschus esculentus), proposed by Veliana, both succeeded in entering 52 selected proposals out of 213 proposals. The IRN program is intended for students from various majors. The scope of research includes food technology and community nutrition, social, economic, cultural, agricultural and livestock cultivation. Every year, the chosen theme varies according to the situation and conditions that are happening in the community. Some research results are expected to be further developed, even the best research results will also be included in international food competitions.
UPH Travel Industry Management Team
Winners in Several Categories in Hospitour 2015
Hospitour is an annual event organized by the UPH School of Hospitality & Tourism. The Hospitour 2015 took the theme "Accross: ASEAN Culture and Economy in Tourism Hospitality" which took place on March 26-27 2015. In the Hospitour event various competitions were held such as cooking competition, making bed, table set up, cooking competition, speech, and others for Hospitality Management. For Travel Industry Management, a guiding competition is held. The students won the 1st & 3rd rank for guiding competition.
UPH Travel Industry Management Team
Winners in Several Categories in Hospitour 2017
Hospitour is an annual event organized by the UPH School of Hospitality & Tourism. In 2017, Hospitour took the theme "GREAT: Gastronomy's Role in Evolving and Advancing Sustainable Tourism" which lasted for three days, April 10-12. In the Hospitour event various competitions were held such as cooking competition, making bed, table set up, cooking competition, speech, and others for Hospitality Management study program. For Travel Industry Management study program, a guiding competition and tour package planning are held. The students won the 1st and 2nd rank for guiding competition, the 1st and 2nd rank for tour package planning competitions, and the 3rd rank for debate competition.
UPH Travel Industry Management Team
Winners in Several Categories in Indonesian Tourism Competition (KPI)
The Indonesian Tourism Competition (KPI) is one of national tourism events held annually by Politeknik Negeri Bandung. The organizers of this event came from the Department of Commerce Administration of Travel Industry Management Study Program. Until now, KPI which was established in 2009 has been running for six times. In the 7th KPI, the UPH Travel Industry Management Study Program won in several categories: - the 1st place tour package competition with student members: Jacqueline Lawrence, Marshella Budianto, Winnie Andira - the 3rd place in the tour package competition with student members: Grace, Kalef Agung Yoshua, Novi Permata Sari - the 2nd place in the guiding competition with student members: Jennifer Clarencia - the 3rd place in the Tourism Quiz Competition with student members: Connie Lewinia, Jessica Halim, and Meviniya Stacia


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