DKV UPH Holds Student Exhibition and Design Enrichments.

Traditionally, Final Papers are regarded only as one of a student’s graduating requirements. However, in Universitas Pelita Harapan Visual Communication Design (DKV UPH), Final Papers are worth much more than that. Students in this department are urged to produce the best work that they can – and their work will be put on display at exhibitions and expositions held on the end of every odd and even semester.
This year, DKV UPH chooses ‘Look Over’ as their theme for the exhibition. This program features the work of students from three different focuses of study – Animation, Graphic Design, and Cinematography. The exhibition was held on May 7-15, 2019, at Pelita Hall, located in Building B at UPH Lippo Village. Going into the room, one can enjoy the traditional DKV UPH exhibition experience – pieces from the graduating batch arranged in standard installations. However, this year’s program features something fresh – breakdown sessions, where 3 students from the 3 different study focus break their pieces down to the core and explain the makeup of their works to the audience.
These breakdown sessions are a superb opportunity to promote what DKV UPH can offer and to show the learning outcomes of our students. Alfiansyah Zulkarnain, S.Sn., M.Ds., Head of Visual Communication Design, emphasized that studying in DKV UPH will expose students not only to design, film, or animation, but, more importantly, DKV UPH will expose students to the society and what is happening with the people around them.
“We have a course on Aesthetics, Design for the Society and Environment, Design Methodology, Socio-Cultural Design, etc. These courses are aimed to enable students to be more aware of what society needs, both today and in the future. This knowledge should be utilized in their Final Papers. This is why we demand a holistic representation in our students’ Final Papers. It is not enough for students to make a visually pleasing piece. The piece has to be put into the context of the society’s current needs,” Alfiansyah explained.
Alfiansyah also believes that it is not enough for students to make designs that follow the ‘right’ rules. They should be the ones that bring about innovation – and innovation should always be synchronized with current trends.
Lala Santyaputri, a Cinematography lecturer, echoed Alfiansyah – she emphasized that DKV UPH students don’t follow trends – they create them.
“From what I observe, DKV UPH students generally make pieces that stray out of the latest trendy styles. They don’t care about what’s in – they care about originality. They create styles never seen elsewhere, and this is what makes them different from the people out there,” Lala expressed.

Dr. Martin Luqman Katoppo, S.T., M.T., Acting Dean of School of Design, admitted that he is proud of what his students have achieved because through their pieces, they have become storytellers.
“This is the key value that DKV UPH always tries to emphasize: how to deliver meaning and messages to society through what we make. We nurture our students to have a heart that is aware of the issues happening in the society. We also want students to be reliable and significant problem-solvers for the community around them. At School of Design, we train students to be designers – in every aspect of their lives, and to be designers that serve God,” Dr. Martin asserted. (pl)