Meet and Greet Creative Industries: Inviting Students to Glance at the College Experience in UPH.

In this 21st century, the age is developing faster with its innovations and constantly changing trends. As an educational institution and a place for young generation to grow and transform, Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) realizes the need for an education system that can bear future leaders of the creative industry sector, who will not only create viral trends, but also provide solutions for the problems in their society.

Looking upon this need, UPH provides qualified programs which will be useful for students who want to be involved in the creative industries such as Visual Communication Design, Product Design, and Music.

In order to introduce these programs, UPH held a Meet and Greet event on September 21, 2019 for prospective students and parents. In this event, prospective students are able to interact and consult their interest and needs with lecturers, alumni, and students from each program.

Dr. Martin Lukman Katoppo, S.T., M.T., the Dean of UPH School of Design who is also in charge for the Visual Communication Design (DKV) and Product Design (PD) programs, talked about the three key values for every learning process in DKV and DP: Design Thinking, Social Innovation, and Redemptive Impact. With these values, SoD UPH graduates are expected to solve the problems that is currently happening in their community through impactful design that will benefit the society.

“The online taxi-bike application for example, was made because people want to enhance the reputation of taxi-bike. Because of this issue, the system and application were made. The application needs design. For example, the app’s interface has to be user-friendly in order to facilitate users. This is where design becomes useful for the society,” Martin explained.

Whereas in the Music program, or the Conservatory of Music (CoM), UPH incorporates relation and collaboration approach in its curriculum which provides direct interaction and effective knowledge transfer. Students also admits that they often collaborate with their lecturers, sometimes even held a concert or performance together, and that they are able to work together as partners.

Lots of CoM UPH students had obtained their career opportunity before they even graduate, thanks to the campus’ networking. Students here are allowed to release their works and these releases, usually turns out to be the beginning of their career. This also means that UPH has been trying to provide means for its students to let their voice be heard, and for them to be impactful in their respective fields, even when they are still pursuing their studies.

There a variety of programs offered in the Conservatory of Music starting from Classical Performance, Jazz & Pop Performance, Music Therapy, Music Education, as well as other concentrations that focuses on behind-the-scenes works such as Sound Design and Performing Arts & Production Management (PAPM). Each concentration has its own functions and purposes. Not all musicians are required to become a performer that has to go on stage. The people who worked behind-the-scene are as important in the music industry.

Through this event, prospective students who were present during the Meet and Greet got the opportunity to get a thorough information by asking the lecturers, and students of UPH. They could get the opportunity to other special offers such as 50% discount for admission form, and up to 20 million off for admission fee.

Furthermore, for prospective students with national or international achievements, UPH also provide an additional discount for admission fee, with 25% for national achievements, and 35% for international achievements. UPH also provides scholarship for students with academic and sports achievements, as well as scholarship for those who need financial-aid. In addition to that, prospective students of the Conservatory of Music would not have to send their audition video, they can join a live audition in UPH. However, all these facilities could only be obtained during the Meet and Greet.

The next Meet and Greet session will be held on September 27, 2019 for the Health Sciences cluster (Medicine and Pharmacy), and on September 28, 2019 there will be a Meet and Greet for the Solution Technology cluster (Informatics, Information System, Food Technology, Biotechnology, Electrical Engineering). Hopefully, through this program, prospective students and parents are able to gain the right information that they may need to decide upon their plan for a higher education.