UPH Career Expo 2020 Equips Students with CV Writing and Interview Skill.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a ticket to enter the professional world. CV does not only function as a summary of applicants information and qualifications, it also has to accommodate “self-promotion” content in order to make companies fall in love with applicant. This aspect is often forgotten by applicants, especially fresh graduates.

“A desirable CV should be orderly written and not lengthy. There are several components that are required in a CV such as personal detail/header which is usually placed at the top and is filled with personal information, personal profile, and career objective. This section is supposed to give an overview of applicant’s future goal, latest education background, work experience, organization experience; a great plus value for fresh graduate, certificate, and skills level,” said Reza Erlangga, Consultant at Glints, a career platform from Singapore.

CV and interview were given and also practiced through a workshop with the theme ‘Love at First Sight: CV and Interview’ held on January 29, 2020, in UPH Lippo Village, Tangerang.

This event was held by Career Center UPH in collaboration with UPH Student Executive Board in order to meet the needs of students who will soon graduate and enter the professional world.

Aside from Reza, Glint Consultant also sent their staff consultant, Jessica Jasmine, to deliver CV writing workshop and a mock interview. Jessica said that in addition to an interesting CV, applicant has to prepare for the interview; internally and externally.

“External preparation includes several things such as bringing important documents, doing research about the company, dressing appropriately according to the company’s standard, and coming 15-30 minutes earlier before the interview. Applicants also have to strengthen themselves internally with confidence because presenting yourself naturally without exaggeration is a really important skill,” said Jessica.

Furthermore, Jessica also said that the questions that will be asked by the recruiters are also important. Usually, there are two sessions, first with the HRD (Human Resources Department) and second with User. The questions asked by HRD usually includes personality-related inquiries that aim to identify applicant’s characteristic and working motivation. Meanwhile, User will ask applicant’s experiences and skills.

Aside from giving explanation and increase students’ awareness about CV writing and work interviews, this event also encourage students to practice CV writing and mock interview on the spot with the speakers. This event, which was a part of Career Expo UPH 2020, was attended by approximately 100 students. Career Expo UPH 2020 will end with a final event which presents 45 companies in a Job Fair on February 14, 2020.