UPH and ITB Use Drone and 3D Scanning Technology to Optimize Architectural Works.

Aside from theories and concepts, the Architecture students of Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) are also equipped with various activities that involve the most recent development in architecture education. One of this activity involves a collaboration between Architecture UPH and The School of Architecture, Planning, and Policies Development (SAPPK) of Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) through Drone Photogrammetry and 3D Scanning Workshop which was followed by 60 UPH students and 13 ITB students. The workshop was held on February 10, 2020 at UPH Lippo Village, Tangerang.

“This workshop is an implementation of our collaborations in Architectural education between UPH and SAPPK ITB that aims to increase students’ interest to explore Digital Architecture as their response towards technology advancements, especially in 3D Mapping and Spatial Data Analysis,” explained Alvar Mensana, B. Arch., M.S.AAD., – Head of Architecture UPH.

On this occasion, students are accompanied by the lecturers from Architecture UPH such as Jacky Thiodore, S.Ars., M.ARCH., Gregorius. A. Gegana Amunisianto, S.Ars., M. ARCH, and a lecturer from SAPPK ITB, Aswin Indraprastha, S.T., M.Eng., Ph.D., in order to see the device’s potentials as something more than a mapping and spatial data collection tool.

“This time, we would like to collaborate in utilizing this technology for practical use to support Architectural works, such as by learning documenting and measuring techniques. This technology saves our time, and gives us more precision. Then, there is the laser scan which already has a 360 system,” said Jacky Thiodore.

This workshop is also a practical realization of one of the compulsory courses in Architecture UPH which is the Computer-Based Design Simulation and Method course. In addition to that, for the Engineering Faculty students from ITB, this workshop is related to their elective course, Algorithmic Approach in Prototype Construction Design.

“The output of this workshop is a work that will be displayed in each campus. The work is an installation which will be placed near the eagle statue in UPH, as the university’s symbol. The installation will expose the eagle statue as a response to the condition of its surroundings, and to attract many people,” said Jacky Thiodore.

Aside from workshop, students were also equipped through sharing knowledge session which presented professional key speakers such as Bondan Petra Diponogoro, who talked about Drone Photogrammetry, and Dien Nurhayati from the Architectural Documentation Center of PT Exsol Trimitra who talked about 3D Scanning.