Our undergraduates are equipped with the science of psychology and the exploration of its many branches such as social, clinical, cognitive, marriage & family, cross-cultural, etc. This study of human behavior is interpreted and delivered from a Christian worldview within the framework of Reformed theology. Students will gain a holistic and comprehensive understanding of the human mind and human behavior, and develop the skills to apply the principles of psychology to improve the quality of life for individuals and communities.

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Mentor-mentee ratio in mentoring session


Of the lecturers are psychologists/counselors who are active in their profession and some of them hold leadership positions


Of the top three in a variety of quiz competitions or debates between faculties of psychology in the past five years

Graduate Profile.

A graduate who:

  • Has Christ-like character.
  • Lives out their calling professionally, according to their competence and talents, by relying on God truth and sovereignty for a transformed life.
  • Has deep understanding of psychological concepts and theories and the ability to resolve psychological issues holistically based on the foundation of a Biblical Christian worldview.
  • Embodies the creative spirit and faithfully applies their psychological knowledge based on the foundation of a Biblical Christian worldview for the good of others and the glory of God.

What Will I Study.

You will learn things related to psychology, such as:

  • Human behavior and its relation to human mental functions and processes
  • Various branches in psychology: Abnormal Psychology, Self-Introduction Psychology, Communication Psychology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, etc.

*For course details, you can see on the curriculum

What Will I Become.

Here are several career choices & prospective jobs for Psychology graduates:

  • Human Resource Development staff
  • Counselor
  • Psychologist
  • Counseling teacher
  • Researcher
  • Therapist for the special needs children
  • Personality school teacher
  • Coach/motivator
  • Lobbyist

It All Begins Here.

  • Ilmu Psikologi yang dapat diaplikasikan ke semua bidang, sangat sesuai dengan passion saya dealing with people. Ini juga yang menjadi dasar saya dalam menjalankan bisnis.

    Greta Bunawan

    Psychology 2009 - Founder Electronic Locker 'Popbox'

Study Plan.

1st Semester
Courses Credits
Psikologi Umum 1 3
Psikologi Perkembangan 1 3
Statistika 1 2
Psikologi Sosial 1 3
Psikologi Faal 3
Psikologi Pengenalan Diri 2
Logika Terapan 2
Pengantar Ilmu Sastra 2
Kecakapan Akademik 0
2nd Semester
Courses Credits
Psikologi Umum 2 3
Psikologi Perkembangan 2 3
Statistika 2 2
Psikologi Sosial 2 3
Psikologi Kepribadian 1 3
Psikologi Pernikahan dan Keluarga 2
Bahasa Indonesia 2
Pendidikan Pancasila dan Kewarganegaraan 2
Kesehatan dan Kebugaran 0
3rd Semester
Courses Credits
Psikologi Komunikasi 2
General English Intermediate 2
Pendidikan Agama Kristen / Pendidikan Agama Agama Dunia 4
4th Semester
Courses Credits
Psikologi Kepribadian 2 3
Psikodiagnostik 1 3
Psikologi Industri dan Organisasi 3
Psikologi Pendidikan 3
Psikologi dan Pemikiran Kristen 2
Psikologi Kognitif 2
Wawasan Dunia Kristen 1 / Filsafat Ilmu Pengetahuan 4
5th Semester
Courses Credits
Psikodiagnostik 2 3
Psikodiagnostik 3 3
Psikologi Klinis 3
Metode Penelitian Kuantitatif 3
Mata Kuliah Pilihan Psikologi 1 2
Mata Kuliah Pilihan Psikologi 2 2
Wawasan Dunia Kristen 2 / Etika 4
6th Semester
Courses Credits
Psikologi Lintas Budaya 3
Mata Kuliah Pilihan Psikologi 3 2
Wawasan Dunia Kristen 3 / Sejarah Pemikiran 4
7th Semester
Courses Credits
Psikologi Abnormal 3
Metode Penelitian Kualitatif 3
Psikometri 3
Psikologi Konseling 3
Psikologi Eksperimen 3
Modifikasi Perilaku 2
8th Semester
Courses Credits
Tes Inventori 3
Konstruksi Alat Ukur Psikologi 3
Workshop Konseling dan Terapi 3
Kode Etik Psikologi 2
Konseling Karier 2
Seminar Penelitian 3
9th Semester
Courses Credits
Mata Kuliah Pilihan Psikologi 4 2
Mata Kuliah Pilihan Psikologi 5 2
Mata Kuliah Pilihan Psikologi 6 2
10th Semester
Courses Credits
Mata Kuliah Pilihan Psikologi 7 2
Skripsi / Magang 6
Mata Kuliah Pilihan Psikologi
Courses Credits
Kapita Selekta Psikologi Klinis 2
Kesehatan Mental 2
Tes Proyektif 2
Perilaku Adiktif 2
Konseling Anak dan Remaja 2
Konseling Sekolah 2
Konseling Krisis 2
Kapita Selekta Psikologi Industri dan Organisasi 2
Perilaku Organisasi 2
Perilaku Konsumen 2
Pelatihan dan Pengembangan 2
Kapita Selekta Psikologi Pendidikan 2
Psikologi Anak Berkebutuhan Khusus 2
Psikologi Bermain 2
Psikologi Anak Berbakat 2
Psikologi Kreativitas 2
Psikologi Lanjut Usia 2
Psikologi Kesehatan 2
Psikologi Perempuan dan Gender 2
Psikologi Positif 2
Psikologi Kriminal 2
Wawasan Dunia
Courses Credits
Pendidikan Agama Kristen / Pendidikan Agama Dunia
Logika Terapan / Critical Thinking
Wawasan Dunia Kristen 1 / Filsafat Ilmu
Wawasan Dunia Kristen 2 / Etika
Wawasan Dunia Kristen 3 / Sejarah Pemikiran
Pengenalan Diri
Courses Credits
Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan
Pengantar Ilmu Alam
Bahasa Indonesia / BIPA
General English
Kecakapan Akademik
Kesehatan dan Kebugaran
Study Fee
Development Fee* Rp41.000.000
Fee Per Semester* Rp17.750.000

*)The first payment includes development fee (special price) + semester 1 fee.

for detail, download here

Our Facilities.


Connie Rasilim, S.S., B.Ed., M.Pd.

Dean of Teachers Collage & Faculty of Psychology

The 2019-2020 academic year marks her 25th year of involvement in the Pelita Harapan educational systems. She was assigned as part of the pioneering team for the establishment and implementation of the IB-PYP curriculum at SPH in 2000 and selected as a co-pioneer of UPH Teachers College in 2006. While in her role as TC Dean, she was also assigned as UPH Provost during April 2012 – February 2016. Resuming to her full role as the Dean of Education effective March 2016, she is concurrently entrusted as the Dean of Psychology. Earning her master’s degree in Educational Technology from Universitas Pelita Harapan, Indonesia; Bachelor of Education from Tabor College, Australia; and Bachelor in English Language and Literature from Universitas Methodist Indonesia, she is currently a doctoral candidate from Biola University, USA in Educational Studies. As one who is passionate about transformative education in a holistic, relational context, she believes that the heart of true education is relationship – with the triune God through the person and work of Christ, self, and others. With Mark 12:30-31 as her primary educational principle, she is convinced that education is not merely about acquiring true knowledge and developing competent skills with godly character, but also, ultimately, finding our true identity in Jesus Christ (Colossians 1:15-20; 2:3).


Head of Psychology

Dr. Yonathan Aditya earned his doctoral degree in counseling psychology majoring in clinical counseling from De La Salle University, Manila. A master's degree in Counseling is obtained from Sekolah Tinggi Teologi Reformed Indonesia, and a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering is earned from Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya. He has completed CT / RT (Choice Theory / Reality Therapy) certification from William Glasser Institute. Yonathan's research interests are in close relationships, positive psychology, and spirituality. He believes that to be able to help others better, humans need to be seen holistically; namely, their psychological and spiritual aspects.

Daniarti Dhyan Cristanti, S.Kom., M.Th.

Yuliana Anggreany, M.Psi., Psi.

Wiwit Puspitasari Dewi, M.Psi., Psi.

Sandra Handayani Sutanto, M.Psi., Psi.

Krishervina Rani Lidiawati, M.Psi., Psi.

Jessica Ariela, S.Psi., M.A.

Grace Indrawati, M.Psi., Psi.

Esther Kurniawati, S.Th., M.Th.

David Matahari, S.Psi., M.Sc.

Nurtaty Sinaga, S.Psi., M.Si.





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