Travel Industry Management

Travel Industry Management.

Our Travel Industry Management program offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers Global Trends, Business Strategy, Operational Leadership & Teamwork Skills in addition to Basic Managerial Skills combining both hard- and soft-skills. In addition to learning the theories, students also gain international perspective of the industry, a holistic educational foundation and practical experiences in promoting the wonder and prospects of the tourism industry in Indonesia. Our program also benefits from our extensive partnership with various business and leaders in the tourism sector, both at the national and international level.

info for faculty

Of the lecturers have a master degree from various disciplines and are experienced in the field of Tourism Management


Of the tourism industries that partner in the field work practice program are tourism industries that have a very good reputation


Of Travel Industry Management alumni become entrepreneurs in the small-medium business scope

Graduate Profile.

A graduate who is:

  • Able to Plan, organize, develop and evaluate programs and staff management in a variety of sectors in the hospitality and tourism industry.
  • Able to Execute all business functions on the operational level to actualize the business ideas related to tourism and its resources.
  • Able to Identify and analyze problems in the organizational management in the tourism industry, and give effective solutions/alternatives by applying entrepreneurial principles based on wisdom and local tourism potentials.

What Will I Study.

You will learn things related to travel industry management, such as:

  • How to implement eco-friendly tourism
  • Various rules in tourism
  • Types of tourism
  • Marketing for tourism
  • Market analysis for tourism
  • Geographical elements of tourism areas
  • Management in tourism

*For course details, you can see on curriculum

What Will I Become.

Here are several career choices & prospective jobs for Travel Industry Management graduates:

  • Tourism manager
  • Travel blogger
  • Tour guide
  • Tourism consultant
  • Organizer of concerts, festivals and exhibitions
  • Employee in industrial sectors such as: travel industry, airline industry, shipping industry
  • Entrepreneur

Study Plan.

1st Semester
Courses Credits
General English 2
Pancasila 2
Kecakapan Akademik 0
Reservasi 2
Geografi Pariwisata Indonesia 2
Studi Ekowisata 2
Kebudayaan Indonesia 3
Pengantar Pariwisata dan Hospitality 2
Etiket dan Protokol 2
Akuntansi Perjalanan Industri Wisata 2
2nd Semester
Courses Credits
Pendidikan Agama Kristen / Agama-Agama Dunia 4
Logika Terapan 2
Kesehatan dan Kebugaran 0
Geografi Pariwisata International 4
Bahasa Inggris Untuk Komunikasi 2
Galileo CRS 3
Tata Operasi Darat 2
3rd Semester
Courses Credits
Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan 2
Bahasa Indonesia 2
Bahasa Inggris Untuk Industri Wisata 3
Manajemen Wisata Olahraga dan Rekreasi 2
4th Semester
Courses Credits
Wawasan Dunia Kristen 1 / Filsafat Ilmu Pengetahuan 4
Perencanaan Operasi Perjalanan Wisata 1 4
Teori dan Praktik Memandu 1 4
Tarif dan Dokumen Pasasi 1 3
Bahasa Inggris Profesi 1 3
Bahasa Mandarin 1 / Perancis 1 2
5th Semester
Courses Credits
Wawasan Dunia Kristen 2 /Etika 4
Perencanaan Operasi Perjalanan Wisata 2 4
Teori dan Praktik Memandu 2 4
Tarif dan Dokumen Pasasi 2 3
Bahasa Inggris Profesi 2 3
Bahasa Mandarin 2 / Perancis 2 2
6th Semester
Courses Credits
Etika Profesi 2
Tarif dan Pengurusan Muatan Udara 2
Manajemen Usaha Perjalanan Wisata 2
Manajemen Sumber Daya Manusia 2
7th Semester
Courses Credits
Praktik Kerja Lapangan 12
8th Semester
Courses Credits
Pengantar pada Estetika dan Seni 2
Pemasaran Industri Perjalanan Wisata 4
Metodologi Riset 3
Wisata Petualangan 3
Kewirausahaan 3
Manajemen Jasa 2
Statistik Pariwisata 2
9th Semester
Courses Credits
Wawasan Dunia Kristen 3 / Sejarah Pemikiran 4
Manajemen Investasi dan S.K.B. 3
Manajemen Stratejik 2
10th Semester
Courses Credits
Proyek Akhir 8
Wawasan Dunia
Courses Credits
Pendidikan Agama Kristen / Pendidikan Agama Dunia
Logika Terapan / Critical Thinking
Wawasan Dunia Kristen 1 / Filsafat Ilmu
Wawasan Dunia Kristen 2 / Etika
Wawasan Dunia Kristen 3 / Sejarah Pemikiran
Pengenalan Diri
Courses Credits
Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan
Pengantar Ilmu Alam
Bahasa Indonesia / BIPA
General English
Kecakapan Akademik
Kesehatan dan Kebugaran
Study Fee
Development Fee* Rp44.000.000
Fee Per Semester* Rp19.750.000

*)The first payment includes development fee (special price) + semester 1 fee.

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Our Facilities.


Yustisia Kristiana, S.S.T., M.M.

Head of Tourism Management

Yustisia Kristiana earned her Bachelor of Applied Science in Tourism from Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bandung. She then earned her Master of Human Resources Management from UPH. Currently, she is a competence assessor of National Professional Certification Board (BNSP). Her research interest is in Tourism, particularly in Sustainable Tourism.

Dr. Diena Mutiara Lemy, A.Par., M.M.

Head of School of Tourism

Diena Mutiara Lemy, has started her academic career with UPH since 1997 as the Deputy Head of Travel Industry Management. She then becomes the Head of Travel Industry Management Dept. from 2000 – 2004 and The Head of Hospitality Management Dept. from 2005 – June 2012. She received her Diploma IV from Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata (STP) Bandung, majoring in Tourism Management. Her Master Degree is obtained from Pelita Harapan University, and in 2010 she obtained her Doctoral Degree from Trisakti University, majoring in Service Management. As a tourism and hospitality management lecturer, she is also active in several activities conducted by The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy. Today she holds the position of Secretary General of The Association of Indonesia Tourism Higher Education (Hildiktipari – Himpunan Lembaga Pendidikan Tinggi Pariwisata Indonesia).

Stephanie Theodora Mulyono, S.ST., M.M.

Rosdiana Pakpahan, S.Par., M.Sc.

Dr. Rudyanto

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Travel Industry Business Student Association.

Travel Industry Business Student Council is a student organization trusted to accommodate Travel Industry Business student’s aspirations and to develop Travel Industry Business student’s skills.


To make Travel Industry Business Student Council a professional organization through improving all students, developing students’ aspirations and be the mediator of, by, and for students.


  • To appreciate and improve every students aspiration.
  • To make Travel Industry Business Student Council as trustable Association in UPH’s School of Hospitality and Tourism.
  • To develop each activities in order to increase student’s skill
  • To have some events to socialize and promote Travel Industry Business student
  • To keep a good relationship between Travel Industry Business student and lecturer
  • To encourage and motivate student to be more active.


  • First Meeting
  • Marketing Event : Summer Holiday
  • Marketing Event : Academic Showcase
  • Gathering 1
  • Gathering 2
  • Community Service
  • Training
  • Comparative Study Visit
  • Leadership Training
  • HMUPW Trip Planning and Operation
  • New Member Recruitment
  • Presidential Election
  • Inauguration

Organization Structure.

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