UPH Student Receives ‘People’s Choice Winner’ Award in the 2020 Food Expo Competition by the University of Newcastle, Australia.

Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) Food Technology student won the ‘People’s Choice Winner’ award during the 2020 International Food Expo held by the University of Newcastle, Australia. According to Newcastle news, Ludwina Euginia enrolled in UPH Food Technology Dual-Degree program, as it offers world-class facilities and internationally recognized industrial experience. Through this Dual-degree program that results from a partnership between UPH and the University of Newcastle, Ludwina has the opportunity to study in Australia as part of her culminating college experience.

Ludwina commenced her studies at the University of Newcastle during the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to travel restrictions and social distancing protocols, Ludwina had to take online classes. However, despite the distance, Ludwina demonstrated an exemplary enthusiasm to remain active in her studies.

Ludwina joined the annual Food Competition at the University Ourimbah, a partner of University of Newcastle. Her ability to engage with her teammates, along with the combination of their knowledge, skills, and expertise successfully enabled them to produce innovative ideas that led them to gain the “People’s Choice Winner” award. This global virtual collaboration highlights how a passion for food can unite individuals.

“I enjoyed working with my team and gaining new perspectives that have played a critical role in our success,” Ludwina explains.

Besides the competition, Ludwina also expresses her enjoyment towards the courses offered, as they are highly practical. The course of food product development, for example, has given her a clearer understanding of working in the food research and development industry. Ludwina is also pleasantly surprised by the quality of training that she has received in food marketing, which is a new field for her.

“The skills I have acquired through the program are useful to work in the food industry or become an entrepreneur with a food and beverage (F&B) business.”

Head of Food Technology Program, Ir. W. Donald R. Pokatong, M.Sc., Ph.D., highly praises Ludwina’s achievement in this food development competition.

“Ludwina and her team worked on a vegan mayo (vegetarian mayonnaise) product called, “‘Kacang Bergizi’ (Nutritional Beans) and successfully won the internationally recognized award. We are proud to recognize her significant accomplishment at the global stage.”

Aside from this award, Ludwina also received a competitive summer scholarship to participate in a research program that focuses on issues relevant to her studies for six weeks. Ludwina will be working with a distinguished academic, Dr. Tamara Bucher.

According to the Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology (FaST) Eric Jobiliong, Ph.D., this is an incredible opportunity to conduct research at the University of Newcastle.

“We are grateful that our students have received opportunities to work with instructors at the University of Newcastle. We are hopeful that Ludwina’s research will create a positive impact for many people. This proves that UPH students’ qualification and abilities to generate creative ideas on international scale.”

UPH Food Technology Program focuses on the application and development of food technology to meet industrial needs as well as research progress, by encouraging students to actively participate in activities in and outside of the campus. For high school seniors passionate in the field of food technology,