PT Kalbe Morinaga Indonesia Entrusts Pelita Learning Hub to Provide Leadership Training.

Employee training is a vital component in improving work performance. It broadens knowledge, enhances skills, and develops positive attitudes that maximize work efficiency and effectiveness. Training is beneficial not only for employees but also for businesses to improve productivity and efficiency. 

In order to support companies to achieve these goals, Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) offers quality and relevant training for companies through Pelita Learning Hub (PLH). PLH is a learning center that offers various programs for the public to gain knowledge and skills for personal and professional development. Through innovative and high-impact learning, PLH can help individuals acquire the necessary knowledge and skills. 

PLH also offers a wide range of training programs to meet the needs of companies, including: 

  1. Corporate Training 
  2. Corporate Short Courses 
  3. Corporate Workshops 
  4. Corporate Professional Certification 
  5. English Testing 
  6. Indonesian Language Education Programs for Foreign Speakers. 

PT Kalbe Morinaga Indonesia is one of the companies that has benefited from PLH’s training program. They recently held a corporate training activity called “Training for Trainers” aimed at equipping leaders in the Information Technology (IT) division with skills in the world of IT 4.0. 

“We provide our IT leaders with the skills and competencies they need for their jobs through this training,” said Setyo Dewi Utari, PT Kalbe Morinaga Indonesia.  

She further explained that the training provided by PLH was of high quality and in line with her company’s needs. PLH trainers were highly experienced in their fields and were able to convey the material in an engaging manner, which encouraged participation from the attendees. 

PLH is committed to becoming a trusted partner for corporations in providing employees with relevant, practical, and market-responsive training.