UPH Accounting Student Excels in the International Event by Winning the CPA Australia Ambassador 2020.

Being an ambassador is certainly not a place to show off, especially since this title is given by the Certified Practicing Accountant Australia (CPA Australia), a globally recognized, professional accounting institution. Every year, CPA Australia selects outstanding students in the fields of accounting, business, and finance to become Australian CPA ambassadors in various countries. In Indonesia, 12 leading universities participate in the 2020 CPA Australia Ambassador.

The UPH Business School’s Accounting Department sent Sri Rembulan, a student from the class of 2017, passing through the internal selection covering academic and non-academic achievements, as well as a good track record according to the criteria of the Australian CPA. Furthermore, the selection process by CPA Australia was rigorous, including the examination of the candidates’ knowledge of CPA Australia, accounting skills, organizational experience, and achievements. After going through all tests, in early May 2020, Sri Rembulan was announced to be CPA Australia Ambassador for the period of 2020-2021.

As a CPA Australia Ambassador 2020, Sri Rembulan certainly has many advantages, especially in preparing for future career, such as exclusive career guidance by professional mentors, being trained by CPA Australia, building networks with fellow students and graduates in the accounting field on a global scale, and access to a network of more than 163,000 members and 400 recognized employer partners worldwide. As CPA Ambassador, Sri Rembulan is also responsible for helping other students who need education and career guidance in economics as well as reviewing CPA programs at various events.

Evidence for the Excellence of UPH Accounting Study Program

Sri Rembulan’s achievement is inseparable from the support of the lecturers and the learning methods at UPH Accounting Study Program that adopts the international standard, as well as practical and comprehensive education. Students not only learn the principles, practices, and ethics of international accounting standards, but also other related fields such as tax, investment, management, and corporate governance.

Through this learning culture, UPH Accounting prioritizes in making students more advanced by partnerships with large national and multinational companies, as well as world-leading universities through various collaborative programs such as dual degrees, combined degrees, student exchanges, guest lecturer, and so on. There are also various facilities for hands-on activities in the field of accounting and business such as the Investment Gallery, Business Incubators to develop creative and innovative ideas from students, and Accounting Student Clubs. The lecture often uses real case studies as the methodology for the main course.

This achievement adds to the many achievements made by UPH students, especially Accounting Students. UPH is so proud of this achievement and continues to facilitate and support other students to actively develop their academic abilities and potential in various fields related to their study programs. UPH continues to foster this spirit: develop potential, achieve, and reach for a bright future!