Science Academic Showcase in the 25th UPH Festival.

As the previous year’s UPH Festival, this year, UPH also held an Academic Showcase which was divided into three clusters, namely the Art, Social, and Science cluster, which was held on August 16, 2018, on the second day of the 25th UPH Festival.

In the Science Cluster, there were a number of major and faculty that participated in this showcase such as, Biotechnology, Food Technology, Information Technology, Faculty of Medicine, Nursing, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Industrial Engineering; each major has their own booth which they can use to provide the visitors, High School students from all around Jabodetabek, with various information about their major.

In the Food Technology booth, there was an ice cream making demo and at the end of their visit, each students get to take a photo in a photobooth which have been provided, moreover, each of them also get a free ice cream.

Alfonsa Rina, a student of the Food Technology (2016) major, explained that there are three steps in food technology: dried food, production line, and food explore.

“For Dried Foods, there are two methods: heating and freezing method. Aside from that, there is also the Production Line where we make to make the market for the distribution mapping of the product itself. Last one, we have the Food Explore. Among all of our events, Food Explore is the biggest one,” she added. Aside from that, the Bio Technology or Bio Tech major also make an interesting booth with live animals and preserved ones such as mice, corn snake, porcupine, turtle, and many more. Some of these animals are used for experiment purposes, but the others are kept as lab pets.

“As Bio Tech students, we want to show the students all the things that we do in lab, thus, we make this kind of concept. We observe human cells and other cells such as bacterias, algae, and many more. In Bio Tech, there are many unique things which we might only breifly know, but here, the students are able to learn new, complete, and interesting things,” said Ruben, a Bio Tech student (2017).