ICE: Giving Fun Industrial Engineering Learning Experience.

UPH Industrial Engineering held another competition-based event for High School student ICE (Industrial Competition Event) with “Solution Provider” as its theme. This event was meant to give students a fun Industrial Engineering learning experience. Aside from that, this event also aims to introduce High School students to the field of Industrial Engineering in a fun and creative way. ICE was held on January 16, 2020 at UPH Lippo Village, Tangerang and was followed by 29 students from all over Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi.

Through this competition, Priskila Christine Rahayu, S. Si., M.T. – Head of UPH Industrial Engineering Program, hopes that High School students are able to understand the application of Industrial Engineering as a scientific field in daily life. She also hopes that the competitions can train these students to have a good problem-solving skill and creativity through the case study and board games given during the competition.

Following are the testimonies from High School students and teachers who were present during ICE:

Andrea Okem – Teacher of Sekolah Pelita Harapan Sentul (1st Winner of ICE 2019)
“In this competition we got traffic congestion as our topic. We found a problem in air traffic congestion and our solution was to create a program that can minimalize the delay and traffic period in the air. I think this competition is really helpful and beneficial because it refines students’ problem-solving ability upon problems that they often find around them and does only give them theories,” said Andrea.

Cheryl Jocelyn and Klemens Justian – Students of Cahaya Bangsa School
“In this competition both of us are a part of the solutionist team and we got infrastructure as our topic. We found out that problem of our city, Bandung, is overpopulation. It was designed for 500 thousand people to live but right now, there are 4 million people living there. This causes Bandung to become more populous and denser every day. Therefore, our solution is to create a satellite city. This event really trains our thought process and creativity, we are really interested in Industrial Engineering because it enables people to come up with solutions for daily and real-life problems,” said Cheryl and Klemens.

Zorin – Teacher of Cahaya Bangsa School
“This event is really great because it gives students the opportunity to solve the problems that they may find in their daily lives. UPH gives our student a place to learn about the industrial world which will surely be very useful for them in the future. I hope that in the future, UPH can prepare a bigger place for more participants to join this event,” said Zorin.