Our Architecture program equips students with the fundamental artistic, scientific and humanistic disciplines that are involved in the design of buildings. In addition to learning the integral technical skills of drawing and designing in 2D and 3D, students are also pushed to develop their critical and quantitative analysis skills, combining them with knowledge in the physical, social and environmental sciences. They are also exposed to the rapid progression of architectural discourses and technologies while being grounded in the fundamental architecture knowledge. Our curriculum provides a broad educational base and pre-professional competency sufficient for entry-level employment in the architecture and design fields, as well as prepares the undergraduate for graduate studies.

faculty information

lecturer-student ratio for year 1 and year 2 indicates learning process quality, ensuring the output of their design in each studio.


lecturer-student ratio for year 3 and year 4 indicates learning process quality, ensuring the output of their design in each studio.

Graduate Profile.

Producing Architecture Graduate as:

  • Individual who is creative and responsive to technological developments and skilled in applying architectural knowledge in academics and industry.
  • A professional, critical, and independent leader who carries out the role and profession of an architect in the future.
  • An individual who understands the responsibility and ethics to develop innovative ideas that have an impact on society.

What Will I Study.

You will learn things related to architecture, such as:

  • Utility system for a building
  • Contemporary architecture theory
  • Modern architecture theory
  • Building structure system
  • Passive and artificial design planning
  • Introduction to architecture of a city
  • Computer-based simulation and design methods
  • Basics of architecture professionalism
  • Introduction to city design
  • Building material and construction

*For course details, you can see on curriculum

What Will I Become.

Here are several career choices & prospective jobs for Architecture graduates:

  • Architect: career paths include Assistant Architect, Junior Architect, Senior Architect
  • Room and Built Environment Researcher

It All Begins Here.

  • Beragam pencapaian yang saya raih, semuanya ini merupakan realisasi dari yang saya pelajari saat berkuliah di UPH.

    Yogi Ferdinand

    Architecture 2003 - Founder of Magi Design Studio (2015)

  • Sistem pembelajaran UPH mendorong saya untuk berpikir out of the box, selalu mencoba hal yang berbeda.

    Leo Einstein Franciscus

    Architecture 2004 - Owner of Einstein and Associates

Study Plan.

1st Semester
Courses Credits
Soft Skills 2
Kepemimpinan dan Kewirausahaan 2
Studio Riset Arsitektur 1 6
Sistem Konstruksi & Material Bangunan 3
Teori Dasar Arsitektur 3
Dasar Keprofesian Arsitektur 3
2nd Semester
Courses Credits
Pendidikan Agama Kristen / Pendidikan Agama-agama Dunia 4
Bahasa Indonesia 2
Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan 2
Studio Desain Arsitektur 1 6
Dasar Arsitektur Digital 3
Sejarah Arsitektur 1 3
3rd Semester
Courses Credits
Tech Skills 2
Pancasila 2
4th Semester
Courses Credits
Wawasan Dunia Kristen 1 / Sejarah Pemikiran 4
Studio Riset Arsitektur 2 8
Produksi dan Fabrikasi Arsitektur Digital 3
Sejarah Arsitektur 2 3
5th Semester
Courses Credits
Wawasan Dunia Kristen 2 / Filsafat Ilmu 4
Studio Desain Arsitektur 2 8
Sistem Struktur Bangunan 3
Teori Arsitektur Lanjut 3
6th Semester
Courses Credits
Wawasan Dunia Kristen 3 / Sejarah Pemikiran 4
7th Semester
Courses Credits
Studio Riset Arsitektur 3 8
Sistem Utilitas Bangunan 3
Simulasi dan Analisis Bangunan 3
Pengantar Permukiman dan Perumahan 3
Simulasi Projek Arsitektur 3
8th Semester
Courses Credits
Studio Desain Arsitektur 3 8
Sistem Arsitektur Berkelanjutan 3
Teori dan Sejarah Arsitektur Kota 3
Mata kuliah pilihan 1 3
Mata kuliah pilihan 2 3
9th Semester
Courses Credits
10th Semester
Courses Credits
Studio Riset Arsitektur 4 8
Pengantar Arsitektur Kota Berkelanjutan 3
Mata kuliah pilihan 3 3
Mata kuliah pilihan 4
11th Semester
Courses Credits
Studio Desain Arsitektur 4 8
Wawasan Dunia
Courses Credits
Pendidikan Agama Kristen / Pendidikan Agama-agama Dunia
Logika Terapan / Critical Thinking
awasan Dunia Kristen 1 / Filsafat Ilmu
Wawasan Dunia Kristen 2 / Etika
Wawasan Dunia Kristen 3 / Sejarah Pemikiran
Pengenalan Diri
Courses Credits
Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan
Pengantar Ilmu Alam
Bahasa Indonesia / BIPA
General English
Kecakapan Akademik
Kesehatan dan Kebugaran
Pilihan Bidang Kajian Perancangan
Courses Credits
Desain Cahaya dalam Arsitektur 3
Perancangan Lanskap 3
Studi Perilaku dan Perancangan Ruang 3
Pilihan Bidang Kajian Teknik & Teknologi
Courses Credits
Simulasi dan Analisis Lingkungan Perkotaan 3
Teknologi Digital Inovatif 3
Studi Tektonik Material 3
Teknologi Tepat Guna 3
Pilihan Bidang Kajian Kemanusiaan
Courses Credits
Arsitektur dan Kritik 3
Arsitektur dan Representasi 3
Arsitektur dan Regionalisme 3
Morfologi Kota 3
Arsitektur Keseharian Kota 3
Pengantar Perancangan Kota 3
Arsitektur Berbasis Komunitas 3
Pilihan Bidang Kajian Profesi
Courses Credits
Kerja Praktik Arsitektur 3
Manajemen Projek 3
Ekonomi Bangunan 3
Study Fee
Total Study Fee Rp257.440.000

*) The price covers all tuition fee during normal study period according to valid curriculum

download study fee

Our Facilities.


Andreas Yanuar Wibisono,
S.T., M.Ars.

Department Chair of Architecture
Andreas Y. Wibisono is a lecturer of Architecture Study Program. He is particularly interested in theory, architectural history, and narrative architecture. He became a second-year studio coordinator, teaching Basic Theory of Architecture, and Advanced Theory of Architecture. He is the curator for several national exhibitions such as Triennale Arsitektur UPH 2015: Waktu adalah Ruang, Mode of Seeing - Sal Project 2021, and assistant curator at international events such as Tropicality: Revisited, Frankfurt 2015.

  • 2nd Place, The Dream of Century Competition, Archue, India, 2020
  • 2nd Place (with Monochroma Architect), Art and Cultural Center, Jimbaran Hijau, Bali, 2016
  • 3rd Place (with Formologix), Landmark Competition Summarecon Bekasi 2012
Journal/Book Publications:
  • Translation of Narratology Model in Literature into Narrative Museum Architecture
    The 2nd Tarumanagara International Conference on the Applications of Social Sciences and Humanities (TICASH 2020)
  • Reading the potential of urban pocket through narrative approach
    Conf. Ser.: Earth Environ. Sci. 452, 2020
  • Evocative Description Technique for Architectural Space (Case: Wall of Death-A Short Story by Seno Gumira Ajidarma)
    Archtheo conf 2015
see journal publications (click here)

Emanuel Agung Wicaksono,
S.T., M.T.

Deputy Department of Architecture
Emanuel Agung W. is a lecturer of Architecture study program. He has an interest in building systems which includes the fields of materials, construction, structures and building utilities. He serves as the coordinator of the Wood Workshop Laboratory.

  • 3rd Place, Tanjungpura University Gate Competition 2020
  • 1st Winner of the Statue of Jesus Blessing Competition at Lake Toba 2017
  • 1st Winner of Wisma Negara Makassar Competition 2014
Journal/Book Publications:
  • Design Exploration on Variety Use of Structureal Steel for Temporary Evacuation Shelter
    Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Interdisciplinary Arts & Humanities (ICONARTIES) 2020
  • Redesign of an Interior HVAC System in Order to Limit the Spread of the COVID-19 Virus in Co-Working Spaces
    Proceedings of the 7th Bandung Creative Movement International Conference on Creative Industries (7th BCM 2020)
  • Pengembangan Eduwisata di Kampung Wisata Kranggan kota Tangerang Selatan
    Prosiding Konferensi Nasional Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat dan Corporate Social Responsibility (PKM-CSR)
see journal publications (click here)

Andreas D. Handdoyo, S.T., M.T.

Andreas Handoyo is a lecturer at the Architecture Study Program, Faculty of Design, Universitas Pelita Harapan. In particular, he is interested in research on the topics of urban design, housing and settlements, interior-architecture, and user behavior approaches. Apart from being involved in academic and professional fields, he is active in the activities of the urban-sketcher community.

Journal/Book Publications:
  • Penerapan Konsep A.B.L.E. Pada Ruang Terapi Anak Berkebutuhan Khusus Cerebral Palsy (2020)
  • Redesign of Interior HVAC System in Order to Limit the Spread of COVID Virus (2020)
  • Studi Coworking Space Bagi Milenial (2021)
  • Analisis Konsep Tematik pada Taman Perumahan di Kota Baru Parahyangan sebagai Daya Tarik bagi Anak-anak (2015)
see journal publications (click here)

Dr. Ir. Felia Srinaga,

Felia Srinaga is an Associate Professor at Department of Architecture, Faculty of Design, Universitas Pelita Harapan, Karawaci-Tangerang, Indonesia. Her research interests are in Urban Public Spaces/Places, Human Behavior Study and Urban Design, Sustainable Urban Architecture, Everydayness of Urban Architecture and Social and Environmental Psychology. Her teaching course titles: Introduction to Sustainable Urban Architecture; Urban Architecture Theory and History; Architectural Research Studio; Architectural Design Studio; Everydayness of Urban Architecture. Currently, she serves as a member of scientific committee of Center of Research and Community Development, (CRCD-UPH) and also as a secretary in Forum of Indonesia-Korea Cultural Study.

Journal/Book Publications:
  • Building-integrated agriculture’s role in supporting urban food cycle
    IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 881 (1), 012037, 2021
  • Improving the Quality of Jakarta's Commercial Area through Designing Threshold Spaces in A Public Place
    The 3rd ICAUD International Conference in Architecture and Urban Design, Tirana, Albania, 2019
  • Child-And Elder-Friendly Urban Public Places in Fatahillah Square Historical District
    IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 126 (1), 012201, 2018
see journal publications (click here)

Fernisia Richtia Winnerdy,
S.Ars., M.Arts.

Fernisia Richtia Winnerdy is a lecturer of Architecture Study Program. After completing her undergraduate education in Architecture at Universitas Pelita Harapan in 2012 and Master of Arts in Architectural History at University College London in 2016, her research focus is on the field of theory related to the representation of architectural ideas. He also has professional experience in architectural consulting, theater performances, as well as being a curator in Triennale Arsitektur UPH 2015: Waktu adalah Ruang.

Journal/Book Publications:
  • AllusiveTopos: The Roles of Drawings in Architectural Thinking (2015)
  • Comics and Architecture (2016)
  • Overlooked!: The Performance of Architectural Drawing (2020)

Gregorius. A. Gegana Amunisianto,
S.Ars., M. Arch.

Greg Gegana is a semi full-time lecturer in the Architecture Study Program. He has been a practitioner and lecturer of BIM since graduating from the Department of Architecture of Universitas Indonesia in 2007. In 2011, he continued his Master of Architecture studies at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, with a lot of research on BIM. His areas of interest are architectural computing and green building design. Upon his return to his homeland in 2014, he actively taught about BIM on campus. He received Autodesk Revit Architecture, Structure, MEP Mechanical Certified Professional, Autodesk Building Performance Analysis Certified, and became an Autodesk Certified Instructor. Currently, he and his team of BIM consultants are assisting companies that want to switch and apply BIM in their workplace.

Journal/Book Publications:
  • BIM Course Development and Its Future Integration at University of Indonesia and Institute of Technology Bandung, Indonesia (2015)
  • File and Team Management on Remotely-Worked Building Information Modelling Project; Case Study: BNI Tower and GBK National Stadium, Indonesia (2017)
  • Study of Lighting and Material Iterations in Full Scale Model Using Virtual Reality and Interactive Architectural Representation (2018)

Jacky Thiodore,
S.Ars., M.Arch.

Jacky Thiodore is assistant professor at architecture department Universitas Pelita Harapan. He studied architecture at Universitas Pelita Harapan, completed his Master of Architecture at University College London, the Bartlett. He leads the school in exploring the role of digital tools in architecture design and sustainable environment. Apart from the academic, he also involves in AEC industry with his fabricaiton and computation skill. Currently he also serves in Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia Banten as staff of the education sector.

  • Best Paper award in the 3rd International Conference on Construction and Building Engineering (ICONBUILD 2017).
  • 3rd Winner of Pre-Design Competition for Gate Area of Universitas Tanjung Pura 2021 (IAI Kalbar)
Journal/Book Publications:
  • Performative Building Envelope Design Correlated to Solar Radiation and Cooling Energy Consumption
    ICONBUILD 2017
  • Study of Lighting and Material Iterations in Full Scale Model Using Virtual Reality and Interactive Architectural Representation (2018)
  • Open Space Scenario on Riverside Settlement to Access Comfortable Wind Environment
    5th ICIAP 2020
see journal publications (click here)

Dr. Julia Dewi,
ST., M.T.

Julia Dewi is a lecturer of Architecture Study Program who studies urban studies. She is particularly interested in the morphology of the city and the preservation of buildings and areas. She teaches a final year studio with a research approach to design in urban contexts.

Journal Publications:
  • The role of transition and thresholds in creating public space quality The 4th Bienalle ICIAP Conference proceeding (2019)
  • Konsep Rancangan ruang terbuka public dengan pendekatan naratif, Kasus: Taman Lapangan Banteng Jakarta Seminar Heritage IPLBI, 2017
  • Parametric simulation as a toll for observing relationships between parcel and regulations in unplanned commercial corridor Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences 227 (2016) 152-159
see other publications (click here)

Dr. Ir. Susinety Prakoso,

Susinety Prakoso is a senior lecturer at Department of Architecture, Faculty of Design, Universitas Pelita Harapan with research interests in housing and urban design, children and urban environment, children place attachment. Her course teaching titles: introduction to housing and human settlement, introduction to landscape design, architectural research studio, architecture design studio, introduction to architecture of the city, introduction to urban design.

Journal/Book Publications:
  • Live-Work Housing Concept for Rusunawa in Indonesia: Is it Possible?
    Journal of Regional and City Planning Vol. 31 No.2 page 122-138, 2020.
  • "We Care for Our RPTRA": Children’s Views and Expectations of Child-Friendly Integrated Public Space (RPTRA) Parks
    Proceeding of Great Asian Street Symposium 2018 Emerging Civic Urbanisms/Designing for Social Impact, National University of Singapore, 2018.
  • Essential Qualities of Children’s Favourite Places
    IOP Conf. Series: Earth and Environmental Science 126 (012003), 1755-1315, 2018.
see journal publications (click here)

Teresia Hanna Sanjaya,
S.Ars., M.Ds.

Teresia Hanna Sanjaya is a Lecturer in Architecture Bachelor Program, Universitas Pelita Harapan, School of Design. She has interest in the world of art, design, philosophy, and architectural psychology. She has been writing and becoming architectural journalist since she was a student. She once covered the World of Architecture Festival in Singapore in 2015. In particular, she put her research interests on school architecture and its impact on child psychology, as well as the philosophy and aesthetics of architecture. She also actively collaborates with Indonesian art therapists in promoting the importance of mental health and the role of art in it.

Journal Publications:
  • Dekonstruksi Jacques Derrida pada Arsitektur Sekolah Anak Usia Dini di Jepang dan Korea
    TH Sanjaya, IW Mudra
    Sinektika: Jurnal Arsitektur 19 (1), 67-73
see journal publications (click here)

Dr. Undi Gunawan,
S.T., M.T.

Undi Gunawan is a full time lecturer in Universitas Pelita Harapan, School of Design, Department of Architecture, Indonesia. He got his doctoral degree in architecture from Arsitektur Universitas Katolik Parahyangan, Indonesia. His researches and interests include architectural philosophy, theory, aesthetics and image in technological perspectives.

Journal/Book Publications:
  • Technical Standard and Guide for Designing Type C International Cross Border Facilities (Panduan Teknis Penyusunan Kebutuhan Ruang Tipologi Pos Lintas Batas Negara (PLBN) Terpadu Mini), UPH, Karawaci
    2018, ISBN (Pending)
  • (editor) Pensiero: Kompilasi Karya Tugas Akhir Desain Berbasis Riset Mahasiswa Arsitektur UPH 2019, Karawaci, Fakultas Desain UPH
    2019, ISBN 978-602-5005-9-2 (A Compilation of Works from UPH Architecture Undergraduate Program)
see journal publications (click here)

Winners of Architecture Student Final Project International Competition.

UPH Architecture Students won the Architecture Student Final Project International Competition 2022 in several categories, including:

  • 1st place in Environmental Studies, won by Vincent
  • 2nd place in Technical Studies, won by Evanjelicel Tamio
  • 1st place in Design Studies, won by Ersalina Trisnawati
  • 2nd place in Technical Studies, won by Nicole Fernanda Anton

Winning the National Competition to Go to International Stage in Poland.

UPH Architecture Team as the 1st National Champion will go to international stage in Warsaw, Poland. As a delegation team from Indonesia, our team's proposal will be presented again to compete with proposals from around 50 delegate teams from 32 other countries.


The design of residence entitled Garden Living Space, by Ingvania and Dannel, UPH Architecture students from class of 2013, was chosen as the first winner in the International Architecture Design themed ‘Urban Housing’ which was held by the UK Petra Architectural Student Association, on March 1-2, 2017, in Surabaya. The work carries the concept of a house as a garden, and a garden as a home.
jurusan arsitektur

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