Global Partnerships & International Office

Global Partnerships & International Office

The Global Partnerships (GP) & International Office (IO) is a unit dedicated to assist full-time/exchange/visiting International Students at UPH.

We provide consultation and administrative support for students to obtain their study permit, visa, and legal documents.

We seek to equip students through post-arrival orientation with basic knowledge of the Indonesian culture and skills to navigate on and surrounding campus areas.

We create opportunities for students to gain valuable learning experiences and cross-cultural exposure through student mobility programs.


Our Services.

The following are the list of services provided by UPH Global Partnerships & International Office:

  • Legal / permit (student visa) consultation & assistance
  • Guidance and advise on study abroad program through UPH International Programs
  • General consultation & assistance for international students
  • Conducting orientation for International Students
  • International partnership / collaboration development to support the University Internationalization Strategy
  • University guest / partners visitation coordination / arrangement

Student Exchange & Visiting Students

The Students Exchange program is an opportunity for students to study overseas for a semester by just paying Home Institution Tuition Fee and earn transferable Credit. Student will gain valuable educational and cultural experience, personal development and long-term impact.

For Visiting Students from non-exchange partner universities, student will be required to pay tuition fees to both Home and Host Institution.

Inbound Exchange.

Outbound Exchange.

To see the list of UPH Exchange Partners, click here.

Every student must possess the following documents during their study in Indonesia:

  • Study Permit (SIB – Surat Izin Belajar) – A permit issued by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology that allows international students to study in Indonesia from 1 (one) week up to 2 (two) years.
    For ITAS / ITAP / Diplomat Visa holders under non-UPH sponsors will ONLY need to apply and process for the Study Permit.
  • E-Visa – An immigration permit that allows foreigners to enter Indonesia. This visa will only be required when the student first enter Indonesia with an official Study Permit.
  • E-ITAS (Izin Tinggal Terbatas Elektronik) – A temporary stay permit issued by the Immigration Office. The validity period will follow the Study Permit’s approved period. This permit can be renewed for another 6 / 12/ 24-months with a maximum total of 5 (five) years validity.
  • E-ITAP (Izin Tinggal Tetap Elektronik) – A permanent stay permit issued by the Immigration Office. This permit is usually sponsored by Parents and not by UPH, which is valid for 5 (five) years. E-ITAP holder is still required to apply for Study Permit and must submit the permit to the International Office.
  • STM (Surat Tanda Melapor) – A police report certificate issued by the Police Department as proof that the student has reported their arrival to Indonesia.
  • SKTT (Surat Keterangan Tempat Tinggal) – A residency certificate issued by the Civil Registry Office that functions as an Indonesian identification for foreigners.

Once you have completed your study, you MUST process your EXIT PERMIT!

  • EPO (Exit Permit Only) – An exit permit issued by the Immigration Office. This permit must be processed BEFORE the student leave Indonesia at least 2 (two) weeks before the Departure Date. After the EPO stamp is issued, the student must leave within 7 (seven) days to avoid further overstay penalty.

The total time to process your study permit & visa may take up from 1-3 months. Therefore, it is highly recommended to begin your process minimum 3 months before the first day of class (for new visa) or 3 months before your E-ITAS expiry date (for renewal visa). Our office will provide all essential information about student visa, required documents, step-by-step process and procedure for obtaining the proper permit and visa. Before you begin your Visa Application Process, please read the Study Permit & Visa Guide thoroughly. 

Timeline of Study Permit & Visa Processing

By clicking this button, I have read, understand, and ready to comply to the application procedure: 

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Frequently Asked Questions.

He/she must process an EPO (Exit Permit Only), leave the country, and then re-apply for a new E-ITAS permit. In the case of failure to comply, he/she will be charged with an Overstay Penalty per day.

If you are currently abroad and have no plans to come to Indonesia in the near future, you are not obliged to process those documents. However, as a foreigner studying in an Indonesian University, you still need to process your Study Permit for reporting purposes only.

It is not a mandatory to have a UPH-Sponsored Visa, however if you’d like to have a UPH-Sponsored Visa, we would be glad to accommodate the process.

If you are a S1 International Student (Undergraduate), you are not allowed to work while actively studying at UPH (this also applied even if you are just doing your thesis for the semester). However, if you are a S2/S3 International Student (Graduate/Post-Graduate), you are still allowed to work while registered as a student at UPH.

According to the Indonesian Government Rules, every foreigners need to have a complete set of residential documents, this include STM and SKTT. Thus, after your ITAS is issued, you need to directly apply for STM and SKTT as well. STM is issued by a Police Station while SKTT is issued by a Civil Registrar Office (ideally near your domicile address). Also, you will be needing both documents when doing ITAS extension/renewal.

Yes, you have to directly inform your new address to UPH International Office since we will process your address mutation as soon as possible. To comply with the Indonesian Government Regulations, you need to give valid data regarding your residing in Indonesia, this include your address details.

If you are a UPH-Sponsored ITAS holder, your ITAS is only valid when you are still registered as a student at UPH. Also, if you have already graduated/resigned and you are applying for a job in Indonesia, it is considered as abusing the rules. If you decided to stay in Indonesia for a while after you have resigned/graduated, please make sure that you are not working for the time being.


For students who need to take an English Proficiency test (without TOEFL/IELTS requirement), he/she may take the UPH EnglishScore Test. Click here or the image for more information.

english ability test


Location :   UPH Building C, 3rd Floor (next to Johannes Oentoro Library entrance)
Email :
Phone :   (+62)21-546 0901 (ext. 2529 / 2542 / 2536)